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On hold

Everything is ready.

The car is packed.

The bedroom is set up.

The details are all sorted.

But it’s all on hold till baby comes.

Which is a difficult place to walk.

How does one work at things when waiting?

It’s something I’m watching our adult-children walk through as they wait the arrival of their first born.

It’s also something I’m walking in.

I’m waiting for my body to go back to healthy.

I’m waiting for all the demolition and construction so we can find rest at home.

I’m waiting for God to move me back home.

Which should happen today!

Although we have learned that our house is not worth the money to fix and we must replace it with a new build.

My hubby and girls have been ripping out carpet, painting, and cleaning all with the intention of my being able to live at home again.

None of us want me to live separately any longer than necessary.

Infact in a few hours my husband should be here and we will go to church with Sis and Tim, then pack my things into the car and head home.

I’m looking forward to it.

And I’m thankful for all God had done while my life has been on hold.

Because no matter how long I have to wait, there are lessons even in the waiting.

Things like patience, grace, endurance, and selflessness can be honed while waiting.

God understands exactly what each step is for and He is guiding all the details of each moment.

I’m praying and preparing this morning.

And then I realize:

I’m actually not on hold.

I’m being held.