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Bathed in prayer

Our lives must be bathed in prayer.

It’s the only way I know to walk closely with Jesus rather than following my own desires.

A few months ago, I had a moment in prayer which caused me to feel unsettled.

I felt the Lord was preparing me, that a change was coming.

Later, in a conversation with a neighbor, I began to state something about our future and I felt a check in my heart not to say what I was going to.

It was like the Lord was warning me not to commit to something, because I did not know the future.

Time went on and I still couldn’t figure out what God was telling me, but I started praying for what I should do.

Start packing.

It didn’t really make sense.

I wasn’t sure what God was trying to tell me, but I knew better than to argue or ask “why?!”.

I began seeking God on how and where to begin doing what didn’t make sense.

At least not at the time.

I cleaned out some closets.

Finished up craft projects.

I gave away things.

I reorganized papers and filed stuff I’d put off.

Still praying, throughout for God to help me follow Him.

Then, Handsome and I were talking about the small furniture business we have and we realized we both felt we were supposed to finish up everything we had on hand, empty our storage unit, and close our booth.

It seemed a bit strange, but we began working on furniture like crazy.

God blessed us and Handsome was able to empty the unit before September.

We let the owners of the mall know September would be our last month.

It has only been in the last few weeks God has shown us why.

My husband has recently accepted a new job in a different city.

He wasn’t looking to change jobs.

We weren’t unhappy where we are.

But God brought this job to him.

We bathed it in prayer.

Here we are.

He starts the day after our wedding anniversary, next month!

I’m sure you guessed the rest–we are moving.

Not only has God blessed us with this new position, He’s opened the door for us to buy a house and property.

We will get to live in the country again.

And we are so thankful to God!

Moving is not easy, especially as my health still restricts my actions, but it will be good

We have enjoyed this house.

Our landlord is truly the best.

The neighborhood has been such a joy.

We are so thankful.

God has blessed us abundantly.

I’m humbled by how He has walked us forward into all these things.

I’m thankful for the way He has guided us.

I’m continuing to bathe it all in prayer.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your Word. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit which guides and directs us, speaking through Your Word. Lord, please continue to keep our feet planted firmly upon Your paths. Help us, each one, to walk in ways that are honorable before You. Lord, as we prepare for this move, please help us to keep in mind all these things are Yours and we want to be good stewards of them. Lord, please help us to be wise and kind as we deal with all the change. Lord, please go before us and prepare the way. Thank You. I know You already have and Your salvation is all we truly need. I love You, Lord. Amen.



Moving requires work.

In this case we were moving dirt.

In our daughter and son-in-law’s case they will be moving everything.

I’m working on parts of our yard and much of it requires moving.

Whether it’s brush or weeds, rock or branches it’s work.

I have also been going through a different type of moving lately.

Moving from one set of normal to a new set.

For the next 7 weeks I will be Mom to only 2 kids at home.

I can say it’s taking some real moving on the Lord’s part to prepare my heart.

No, I’m not worried about their safety.

No, this really is a good thing.

Yes, I am having some struggles letting go.

There are so many things I could say about this.

Yet, I have found silence sometimes is more.

I’ve taken my feelings and struggles to the Lord and He has answered.

Trust Me, for I am doing this.

Look to Me, for I am the One Who goes with them.

These belong to Me, and I will hold them in My hands.

Which has required me to face a truth I’ve not long understood.

God loves my children more than I do and He’s always working in each circumstance for their good.

So when the enemy is allowed to steal, kill, or destroy I can trust that God is using it to teach our children about Himself or to reveal themselves or both.

Fear wants to whisper incredible nonsense which always makes sense at the time.

Yet the Lord is teaching me discernment, so I can capture each lie and dispose of it quickly.

(I might add this is easier said than done!)

Within this moving of children and changing of household I have been revealed.

I never realized how deeply I was afraid of the loss of my little ones, now grown large.

The Lord is so gracious and has been walking me slowly forward with more compassion, encouragement, and love than I can express.

He has wonderfully blessed me daily by the presence of each child.

Now is the time for them to be allowed to bless others, anyone He has placed in their lives.

What more can a mother want, than for her children to be adults who shine the love of Jesus Christ?

So as we all move, I’m praying.

“Dear Papa,

Thank You for the gift of each person in our home. I’m struggling with sadness on letting go. I trust You to hold them and to walk daily with them. I trust that any circumstances which You walk them through are simply a tool to further their hearts in love with Yours. Please use them, touch others, spread Your Gospel, and continue to hone their character daily. I have made so many mistakes with them. Please help them to forgive when they are wronged and to choose not to be offended. I know Your promises. I’m resting in the knowledge that they are each in Your hand. Thank You. I love You Jesus.”