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The mirror

I love these tulips.

It doesn’t take long for people to realize I love flowers and pink is my favorite color.

I don’t wear it constantly, but I’m not quiet about my preference.

Some things about myself are so easy to see.

Other things are more complicated.

Infact the Lord used a tiny passing moment to teach me this week.

I’d been at work and when I walked in the house, one of my kids looked at me and asked something I hadn’t expected.

“What is on your face?”

Before I could respond or look in a mirror another child answered for me.

“It’s a pimple.”


Then both went back to their studies.

I went to find a mirror.

It was the next day when the moment returned to my mind and then I thought of a Veggie Tales show where Queen Blueberry is trying to manipulate her circumstances.

An evil mirror keeps encouraging her to wrong those around her all the while manipulating her for his own purposes.

One of the things which happens in the story reveals a wonderful truth.

As the queen wrongs others her outward appearance reflects the ugliness of her heart.

She’s covered in pimples, as well as other unbecoming facial things, yet the wicked mirror shows her getting more and more lovely.

It’s an excellent lesson.

When we choose to live for ourselves,

when we use those around us,

our hearts are being marred.

Yet, when walking in those things it is often with blindness.

To see ourselves outwardly we need a mirror.

To see ourselves inwardly we need Jesus and His Word.

Just like I was unaware of the blemish on my face, I have been unaware of blemishes on my character.

It has taken Christ to reveal my heart.

Often, He uses the difficult things in my life as a reflection of my heart.

Then He draws me to His Word that the blemish might be removed.

Jesus has shown me so many things about my heart in these months.

And He isn’t finished.

And I’m so thankful for the mirror.

I’d much rather Jesus show me my faults and failings than for me to walk in pride and haughtiness.

There’s even an example in scripture of a life of pride.


She had manipulation down to a fine art.

Yet it cost her everything she was trying to hold on to.

If only she had paid attention to the inward beauty and learned to be humble, gentle, and loving.

I never want to be Jezebel.

Praise God for His mercy and patience.

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

Thank You, Jesus for the mirror.