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“I believe in Miracles!”

(Due to our rural location internet and cell service can be patchy. Please forgive me for not posting sooner.)

This past weekend I heard these words.

They are lyrics to a song “Miracles”, by one of my favorite bands, Audio Adrenaline.

My husband’s phone was playing music while we both worked on the house.

I had to stop what I was doing, because I realized at that moment I was in a miracle.

Friday, had begun normally, but part way through homeschooling I was suddenly struck with a migraine.

I finished up what was required, took my prescription, and went to bed.

The remainder of the day I had to rest.

I’d prayed several times, “Lord, I trust You”.

Our plans were very full for Saturday and once I get a migraine they normally last several days.

Handsome showed up the following morning and although my headache was much better it wasn’t gone.

I helped as I was able and kept praying.

After everything was loaded Jase and I got in the car so we could drive to the new house.

It’s about a two hour drive and often wears me out.

My husband was driving the truck with the trailer and we all pulled into the new house happy to be here.

But instead of being able to help, I had to take my prescription, eat, and go to bed.

Thankful our daughter’s bed was already set up in her room, I went to sleep rather than beginning the painting I was supposed to be doing.

A few hours later I was awoken by some dear friends who dropped by to see our progress.

I got up and although I wasn’t completely headache free, it was much better.

It was at least an hour later when the song on my husband’s phone.

Tears filled my eyes and I had to stop painting.

Just being able to paint was a miracle.

Not suffering as I had been was a miracle.

This very move has been a miracle.

Since, we’re not finished with the house or moving, I’m certain we are going to continue to see miracles.

All of it touched my heart so deeply, because when I was laying in bed telling God I trusted Him, I had no idea He was going to provide for these things in this way.

But I didn’t have to know.

What I already knew was God’s faithfulness.

He will do what is best and I can complete surrender my ideas, my schedule, my life into His hands.

I do believe in miracles, because my every breath is one.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for daily miracles. Thank You that my heartbeat, the breath in my lungs, the very atoms in my body are all miracles. Thank You for Your faithfulness. You never forget me. You never leave me not forsake me. You sustain me, guide me, and love me. Thank You for doing all of this and saving me from my sin. Lord Jesus, may my life bring glory to Your name. I love You. Amen.

Daily miracles

Yesterday, was incredible.

I got more done than I did all the previous week!

This morning, I knew.

The Lord’s gentle voice.

Today, rest.

It was exactly what I needed to hear.

As I sat at the dining table this morning, talking with Anne about my plans for the day.

“I need to take it slower today.”

“Good, Mom. Yesterday, you were moving so fast you couldn’t even hear Jase and I.”

I smiled a bit sheepishly.

“Oh,…really? Sorry,” smiling at her over my cup of tea.

Anne knows that often my day will be a reflection of how much rest I was or wasn’t able to get during the night.

She prays for me and her Dad to get rest.

She also asks me regularly how I slept.

This morning I had to admit, I hadn’t slept well.

When I did finally sleep, my dreams kept me from feeling refreshed.

But I was able to share a praise as well.

“Really early this morning, before I was ready to get up, the Lord spoke so clearly.”

“What did He say? Can you remember?”

“Yes. He said, ‘I have redeemed you.'”

Anne waited for me to continue.

“That’s all He said, but I know He’s telling me to let go and simply trust Him today.”

Although, there are tasks which I want to do, and things which need attention, I’m resting today.

Because it’s a daily miracle: redemption.

Jesus paid the price, once and for all.

Yet, it’s in the day to day where I learn how to walk in this wonderful redemption.

And the Lord knew, I needed a reminder before my day had even begun.

What miracles has He done in your day?