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An Easter meal to remember

Anne worked hard on Saturday.

She wanted the house to reflect the festivities of our Risen Savior.

I had gotten up for a bit and she showed me all she had done.

It was beautiful.

I was blessed by her creativity.

She had gotten into the storage boxes and looked for anything she might use.

I commented on how nicely she had done.

“Mom, what are we going to have tomorrow?”

I shrugged.

“Maybe Daddy can smoke us some chicken.”

With me being in bed for so long, I didn’t know what we had for groceries.

Anne decided to make some deviled eggs, and she informed me we still had some potato salad Bell had made.

My husband had to spend the day at our property working. Bell had gone down also to get a few things.

Anne and I both knew they wouldn’t have time to go buy anything.

I could tell Anne was a little concerned about our meal, but I reminded her to trust God.

When we went to bed, my husband still hadn’t arrived home.

So when I got back up later that evening to welcome them, I had a big surprise waiting.

My husband and our daughter were bringing in groceries.

A ham, potato casserole, rolls, salad, and an apple pie.

All of it had been a gift to our family.

The next day I made sure to text our thanks and appreciation.

Her response was simple:

“As I was buying our ham at Costco yesterday the Lord brought you to my mind and knowing the situation your family has been in with you being so limited with your health I figured everyone might need a little break. I only wish some of it was homemade!! At least it won’t be too much work for anyone.
Hope your family has a wonderful Easter celebration together!”

Even now, I can not properly express my gratitude and appreciation.

We had a wonderful Easter celebration.

We watched service online.

Then we had our own worship and my husband taught from Isaiah 53.

Our meal was one of the nicest Easter meals we’ve ever had.

Truly, God is incredible.

His ways are so much higher than ours.

He is so faithful.

This really was an Easter to remember.

Praise God!

On an upswing

It’s Tuesday,

and I cooked dinner.

Anne helped and we are actually going to sit down to a homemade meal.

It might sound simple or routine, but we’ve been lacking, because I’ve been too ill to make them.

There have been plenty of meals made by the girls or my hubby, but not by me.

And I’m so thankful for the ability to make this one.

The girls asked me if I’ve enjoyed the break from routine.

“Are you at least glad you’ve not been doing dishes, laundry, and cooking all the time?”


I smiled and explained that all though those things can become monotonous I would rather be doing them then sitting in my room next to the air purifier.

They seemed to understand,

at least a little.

I’m sure for them it’s just work.

I used to feel the same way and at times I still look at it in that light.

But being able to serve my family by household chores really is a blessing.

I’m enjoying the ability to fulfill one chore today.

Praise the Lord for the ability to serve my family!