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Sometimes what is feeding the body seems to dry up the soul.

When walking daily with God in the wilderness the Israelites had abundant provision for their bodies.

Scripture tells of water which gushed from the rock, white flat substance which tasted like wafers with honey blanketed the ground each work day.
The clothes on their backs never grew old and the sandals didn’t wear out.

Yet few are the songs recorded from the sojourn in the wilderness.

Instead we have written down, complaints.

Grumbling over thrist.
Whining over “no meat”.
Accusations about the leaders.
Disgust over choice of wife.
Fear of being wiped out by their enemies.

Where were the thankful hearts, who understood with awe the miraculous way God had delivered them from slavery?

Yet in my own heart and life I find too many similarities to the Israelites.

When I am grumbling over bills or vehicles which won’t work or having to cook three meals a day, my heart should instead be thankful.

It never grows less amazing, the way Christ payed for my sin, so why do I allow myself to forget?

The miracle of setting me free from slavery to sin has never tarnished.

Yet He is merciful.

When complaints or discouragement rob me of my joy, His Word is faithful to remind me of all I have to sing about.

Just like the manna which provided and sustained the Israelites. We have God’s Word to feed our souls.

And so I sing instead of whine.

“Bless the LORD, O my soul!  Oh O my soul. Worship His holy name! Sing like never before, O my soul! …”