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Tying knots

Mom has said many times, “It’s really just tying knots.”

As a child, I couldn’t see her point at all.

She was referring to crocheting.

Every stitch in an Afghan or blanket is a series of special knots made in a specific order.

My idea of a knot was what my shoe laces were always doing.

Later in life I saw some pictures and examples of knots used aboard sailing ships.

When I met my husband, he showed me his skill with knot tying as part of his knowledge of woodcraft.

After we were married, I showed him my crocheting.

He thought it was really cool that if you pull on the string before you tie off your work, the whole thing will unravel.

It all returns to the single string of yarn.

It was last night when God taught me something about knot tying.

He used my crocheting to do it.

I was in bed with a migraine.

I’d run out of medicine and although I refilled it, I’d reached the point where I had to stay resting or I’d start being sick.

So, I was laying flat on my back crocheting, when His gentle voice spoke with my heart.

It’s about tying knots.

“What is, Lord?”

Life. You either allow me to direct and guide you, teaching you the best stitches at the time, or you tie your own knots without any idea of what I’m creating.

I looked at my work.

One wrong stitch will throw the entire project off and normally requires tearing out everything, back to that wrong stitch.

Then it has to be pulled out and replaced with the correct one.

Only after all that can the project continue.


My life is a beautiful creation in progress to the Lord.

He is so patient with me and I can look at the many, many times He’s had to unravel a mess of knots I’ve made.

Only to gently start again.

I truly want to work with the Lord, instead of making a mess of things.

Unraveling my knots is often time consuming and uncomfortable.

Yet, the Lord is so patient.

His hands are steadily teaching my heart.

As a new day unfolds, I’m praying for His perspective and to be busy tying knots through His direction and guidance.

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank You for another day. Thank You for watching over us last night and for walking with us in today. Lord, we have no way of knowing how today will unfold, but we do know You will be in it. Lord Jesus, please help us to rest in Your love and to completely trust You in all things. Lord, please keep our hearts free from fear and our minds purged from worry. Please build a hedge of protection around us, that we might quickly recognize the enemy’s lies and deal with them through Your Word. Lord, fill our hearts and minds with You. Thank You, Jesus for another day. Amen.