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Christmas Fair

I’m so thankful to the Lord for all He has taught me.

His faithfulness is unimaginable.

I’ve been stretched a good deal during this venture and I’m glad.

Here’s a few things I learned:

Let go of personal expectations and simply serve.

Time spent simply chatting and listening to those who wandered into the booth was a mutual blessing.

There was such joy in smiles shared and watching children play with the toys even though they bought nothing.

Sharing Jesus without words.

Looking back it’s startling how many people stopped by simply to thank us for having the courage to proclaim the real reason for the season.

Our best selling signs were Nativities.

Our best selling peg dolls were Nativities.

Other vendors are as important as customers.

While sitting in our booth I was able to pray for the lady across from us.

Many other vendors stopped in to chat and some made purchases, but it was the conversations which held the greatest value.

Place the schedule in God’s hands.

Knowing the area seems to aggravate my asthma I’d been praying for strength and ability to run the booth. Others had let me know they too were lifting me up in prayer.

So, as I set each day’s schedule it was a walk of faith to be able to fulfill my time slots.

My family were incredible. Both our middle girls, son, and my sweet wonderful hubby spent time in the booth or did other things which helped immeasurably.

Saturday night I had an asthma attack. In my heart I knew it was the end for my time in the booth.

Sunday my husband worked the whole shift with help from our daughter and our booth partners, Unbound Farms. I drove home with our son.

I’m already feeling better.

I’m so thankful to God for all He has done.

In the end our time at the Christmas Fair was about sharing Jesus.

If we do it again, I’m sure God will have more lessons in store and more people to serve.