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Celebrating our country

What a blessing to live in the United States of America!

I’ve only been in three other countries, and I enjoyed things about each, but none of them were the U.S.A.

The heritage of the pilgrims at Plymouth.

Men of renown, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight L. Moody, Billy Graham,…

The fabric of family values, in God we trust, and so much more.

All of this makes me so very grateful to have been born here.

As the child of a lifer (means twenty years of military service) my love of the U.S.A. was planted early.

We used to travel to an Air Force Base frequently to shop.

I grew up watching the men and women in uniform go about their business.

I even remember standing outside the funeral for my second cousin who had been shot down during Vietnam.

His body had been given to our country many years later as part of a deal between the two governments.

The Air Force did a fly over and my dad stood among the stones of the cemetery and choked back his emotion over fallen comrades.

His memories were from the Korean War.

I’ve tried to instill a love of country into our children.

Telling them of the service both their Grandfathers, their uncle, their cousins, and Great Grandparents.

I pray for our beautiful nation.

I lift up the adults, the leaders, and the children.

Our country is an incredible place, although many people seem unaware of what blessings are here.

So, on this 4th of July, I’m praying.

I hope you can join me.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for the country of my birth. Lord, thank You for loving each and every one in all the nations all over the world. Lord, there is pain, fear, and anger. People are hurting, confused, and lost. Please clear away the lies and the darkness. Help people know You personally. Soften hearts, open minds to Your truth, bring forgiveness. Thank You for all You did to save us on the cross and at Resurrection. May Your glory be known to every tribe, every tongue, every nation. Amen.