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Our “Instead” list


Because our World is suffering, I’m taking extra time to pray. I’m lifting up the sick, the lost, the hurting, and the fearful. I’m praying for our leaders: global, national, and local. My heart is especially burdened for the elderly and the children. Time spent “standing in the gap” is a priority.

* Bible

What better opportunity for us to find comfort, courage, and strength than from more time in God’s Word? I’m also hopeful that we will spend more time learning to study the Bible.

* talk time

With everything going on around us, I’m finding it is important to give each of our children a chance to chat, ask questions, and relate how they are feeling. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to hear what is going on inside their hearts.


Our Anne has a love of baking and we are planning on trying some new recipes as well as stocking our freezer with some of our old favorites.

* science

Both of our children have labs which go along with their science curriculum. Along with the experiments in other science curriculum we have, there’s lots of options.

* art

Anne and I are going to be painting more. Jase loves to draw.

* reading (to myself)

I’m continually behind in my reading schedule. Bible is first, then homeschooling curriculum, then my own personal reading selection. With the schedule change, I’m looking forward to finishing the book I’m in.

* reading aloud

I’ve read to our children for years, but with this season I want to read some books they’ve never heard before.

* playing games

I’m not very good at games and coming up with games is difficult for me, but my husband is super at both. Infact for my birthday he had Jase set up an in-the-house mini golf which was really fun! (Get the foam golf balls.) So, I’m leaning on him for this part, but even when I can’t think of anything we have lots of board games.

* organizing and sorting

With our move happening so fast and my health refusing to let me do much, I’m taking the opportunity to sort through and organize things. I’m going to tackle Jase’s clothes too since he’s out grown several things. It’s just a good time to work at making things easier and more streamlined.

Yes, I am certain my list shall change and be rewritten. There’s things I want to do which are not on it yet, but they are not as important as these things.

My main focus is to live purposefully during this life changing time. I have peace, but I don’t want to become complacent.

No matter what our days look like, I want to be following Jesus with all my efforts.

I will lift up my eyes to the hills— From whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord , Who made heaven and earth.
Psalms 121:1‭-‬2 NKJV

The list

(Just had to share 2 of those on the list!)

It began a few days ago,

Or possibly it was last week.

Honestly, I don’t remember.

But the list has really changed my perspective.

I don’t sleep well.

It’s common for me to wake up multiple times at night.

And it was one of those moments.

I found myself awake.



I use these moments for prayer.

Yet, exhaustion caused my mind to be slow, fuzzy.

My habit of thanking God for what is around me began.

“Lord, thank You for my warm bed.

Thank You for my soft blanket.

Lord, thank You-”


It was a moment which changed my outlook.

“Thank You for my husband.

Thank You for Anne.

Thank You for Jase.

Thank You for Bell.

Thank You for Sissy.

Thank You for Timmie.

Thank You for baby.

Thank You for my mom.

Thank You for my sister.

Thank You for her husband….”

It went on and on.

And I’ve been thanking God for people since then.

Something about thanking Jesus for people by name has reminded me to pray for them.

As I thank God for the individual I remember circumstances or schedules or other things which I then stop and lift them up for.

And the Lord has made certain my list of thanks includes people who are difficult for me.

People I’m not always as thankful for as I might be.

As I thank God for them He reminds me to add things like forgiveness or healing of a relationship or just to grow love in my heart for them.

And it’s been sweet.

Precious time with the Lord.

Learning ever more about how precious people are to Him.

I still thank God for material things.

But the joy of spending more time thanking Him for people is greater.

I will continue to make the list of people I’m thankful for.

I want it to become as much a part of my every day as eating and breathing.

For in the list I’m learning even more about my wonderful Lord Jesus.