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Lacking words

It’s been longer than normal between penned thought to the next penned thought.

It’s due to the struggle.

A lack of words.

How do I shape my everyday into anything worth writing, much less reading?

Some of the lack has been from an over flow of duties in other areas.

Some of the lack has been my weaker days of late, which have required more rest.

Most of the lack has been due to emotion.

When my physical body is weak, my emotions seem to stumble more.

Self-control and kindness takes extra effort.

Yet, it’s so valuable.

I want to give the effort.

These days of less writing have not been less full of Jesus.

He has walked side-by-side, at times carrying me along, through each day.

He has been my comfort when I’ve been afraid.

He’s answered my prayers when I’ve been questioning.

His presence, His Word has been my all.

And now that the lull of quiet seems to be dissipating, I look forward to seeing what words He will share with me.

And I look forward to seeing what words I’ll be sharing with you.