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Just a mess


Yes, this isn’t what we want.

No, it’s not going to stay this way.

But this kind of mess is easier to deal with than others.

This week at work I had a child lie to my face.

When I called them on it they weren’t even a little remorseful.

My first feeling was of shock and anger.

Not deep or fiery, but the anger when wrong is committed and the person does not care.

I was still thinking about the child after work and praying for God to show me what the deal was.

The mess is on the inside.

I thought about that for a long while.

Up until the Lord spoke I had been focused on the event and how to handle the next one if it should occur.

I’d missed the actual issue.

For a child to feel completely at ease with such behavior when I know they have been taught it’s wrong, means something.

So, I’ve been praying for the heart of this little one.

There is a mess inside which needs God’s hands to clean and throughly place in order.

However, the child needs to want to change.

They need to realize they are a mess before anything can happen.

The same is true for me.

Without my realization of a mess and my willingness to fix it, I’ll live with the inside out of place.

Messes happen, but we don’t have to live in them.

Jesus is waiting for an invitation to change the mess into a masterpiece.

“Dear Lord,

Thank You for showing me the mess inside this child whom You love so much. Please help me to continue to pray for and encourage them every chance I get. Thank You for all the messes You have cleaned up in my own heart. Thank You for continuing to help me be aware of the status of my heart. I want to be Your masterpiece, please continue to form my heart with Your hands. I love You, Jesus.♡”