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Lighting the flame


How does one person,
ignite a passion to live a life of character
in another?

Sometimes through oratory.

Sometimes through carefully chosen words on paper.

Sometimes through example.

The last one is often the most difficult.

To live a life which ignites another is an everyday thing.

Even the heros of a moment can lose their ability to ignite another if their daily choices lack the character of a hero.

It is a life lived despite the circumstances which cause another to rise above their own.

America it self has been built upon the amazing lives of people who lived each day in true character.

They were real people who made mistakes, yet through out they worked to help others.

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

William Bradford


Thomas Alva Edison

Alexander Graham Bell

Billy Graham

D.L. Moody

Marcus and Narcissa Whitman

Lottie Moon

The list is longer than this.

So many people who are simply living each day in a way that benefits others.

The Bible is full of people who lived their lives for the Lord and blessed others.

Our best example is Jesus.

Even after 2000 years His life ignites passion to live for God.

His example of love,  honor,  and self sacrifice are world famous.

Of the people who are ignited to live with integrity and character,
I pray my life, all the way to the end,
will be a tiny example of someone ignited by Christ.