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Many years ago, I learned it’s best if our family doesn’t take long breaks from school.

So, when Jase finished his American History book last week, I knew.

Highschool level World History was next.

I’ll be honest.

My heart had concerns and I took them to the Lord.

I asked the Lord a long list of questions and He answered each one.

So we began on Monday.

Jase did catch that this was not only more difficult, it requires a lot more work.

I was impressed, though.

He didn’t complain.

Easy, it’s not.

Yet, he has jumped in and I’m so thankful.

Change doesn’t come easy for him.

The older I get the more I realize, it’s not easy for me either.

Yet, it’s a blessing.

To grow, stretch, learn, and surrender is so valuable.

Allowing Jesus lordship over every single bit of my life.

Which means I go where He guides.

I live as He directs.

I honor His changes in myself and my life with praise and thanksgiving.

I trust.

His ways are best.

Including a new challenge.

Jase in highschool.

Yup, our youngest is entering the 9th grade.

When he finishes his science curriculum we are currently doing, he will begin Physical Science.

He’s working away on Prealgebra and of course will go into Algebra 1 when he’s finished.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Just like following Jesus.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for change. It’s not what I look forward to, but I know You use it for good in our lives. Lord, please continue to change my heart and mind to be more like Yours. Please continue to use outside circumstances to hone my character. Lord, I humbly request that You help me to be an encouragement and support to others around me who are also experiencing change. Please let me words, prayers, and attitudes be a blessing to those around me. Thank You for loving me enough to encourage me to grow. Thank You for change. Amen.

Tornado in Tennessee

Our family has enjoyed these titles.

“Cherish today, and forever and ever.”

These words were penned by a blogger and author.

(If you have time drop by and read her words: notgrass.com/dailyencouragement/blog/ )

She and her family live in Tennessee, not far from where one of the tornadoes hit.

Although, they no longer live in Cookeville, it’s where they opened their homeschooling curriculum business.

Some people have been killed.

Some are still missing.

As I read her blog, her words of courage, her reminder to live each day for Jesus and look forward to our home in heaven, were beautiful.

Yet, what struck me even more was the proximity to danger she and her family are.

Because there is so much this lovely lady and her family give, I can’t really imagine the void she would leave if it were her turn to be heaven bound.

They write homeschooling curriculum.

She blogs each week day.

They have encouraging videos.

They travel and support homeschooling families.

The list goes on.

I’m so thankful they were unharmed.

And yet, how many other faithful, loving people did become harmed?

Because numbers are impersonal, they don’t tell us of the gapping hole left behind by those who have died or been injured.

Our family is praying for them all.

It’s also been a moment of reflection.

Do I cherish each day?

Am I living transparently?

Do those who mean the most to me know how much I care?

I’m choosing to walk in those things today.

And I’m asking the Lord to help them become a lifestyle in every day.

As my heart is heavy for the losses in Tennessee, I look to Jesus.

Jesus can heal anything.

May those traumatized by this find peace and comfort in Him.

Matthew 5:4 NKJV — Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted.

John 16:22 NKJV — “Therefore you now have sorrow; but I will see you again and your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you.

An opportunity to change

Throughout my journey as a home school parent I’ve wanted to teach our children a variety.

Math facts and reading fluency are super important.

Yet, the human mind and heart need more.
Just like our bodies need more than meat and potatoes.

It’s with this in mind, I’ve tried to find ways to engage our children.

Friday was one of those days.

I wanted to do something different.

We began with a simple lesson in Watercolor painting.

Later, we moved into dissection.

(Anne decided it wasn’t too horrible after all.)

The school day ended with me reading aloud from a novel.

I have read this book aloud every Christmas season for years.

Yes, we could have done another Math drill or Phonics or Editing practice.

No, we won’t be able to schedule this kind of extra day every week.

Yes, it was lovely.

A chance to change our schedule.

An opportunity to allow learning in a different format.

It’s not such a priority that it will usurp the every school day schedule often.

However, it was a welcome change.

And it helped me to appreciate the Lord even more.

With the vast array of wonders all around us.

What better way to bring praise to our hearts than to stop and learn about something God has made?

While showing our children pictures in Watercolor by John James Audubon, I was reminded of the amazing creatures he captured with ink and brush.

Each beautiful feather, bill, and beak a master piece, done by the Master.

As I watched the kids learn how to apply pigment and water in different amounts to paper, I was reminded that the creativity inside each person is simply a reflection of the Creator.

Although dissection isn’t something I want to do often, it’s incredible how the Lord put a small worm together.

How it breathes through it’s skin is amazing.

The tiny organs which each function to provide the worm with all it needs to survive are incredible.

All of these details hidden under our feet.

Yes, God’s fingerprints are evident.

And lastly, the joy in hearing a story they’ve heard many times, points back to the Greatest story every told.

The birth, life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is the thread which holds our lives together.

If Jesus hadn’t saved me, my priorities would be vastly different.

If God had not provided so many resources, I’d not even be aware of all I am trying to teach.

If Jesus and His salvation were unknown to me, I’d not be pouring so much effort into passing on the knowledge nor of training our children to do the same.

But He has saved me.

He has provided for me and is continuing to teach and train me.

He is the most important knowledge I can ever learn about or pass on.

Jesus is the truth.

What a blessing!