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You are what you read?

Some of my most favorite books.

I can’t say I totally agree with this statement:

“You are what you read.”

I think what we read, watch, and listen to all have an impact upon our hearts.

Yet, for something to change me, I have to accept it.

I’ve read plenty of things I rejected (those magazine headlines at the grocery store).

To prove none of them changed me is simple. I can’t remember a single one.

Yet, I’ve learned to be guarded on what I do accept.

With that, there is plenty of literature I read with the purpose of changing.

First and foremost is Scripture.

The Holy Bible is my daily joy and it is continually sculpting my thoughts, attitudes, and actions.

I read and study curriculum.

When I choose a curriculum I look at the information as more than an opportunity to teach, but also an opportunity to learn.

I also read for enjoyment.

Always understanding that even in that my perspective can be tweaked by what I allow into my heart.

So when my sweet husband gave me a novel for Christmas I was expectant.

Neither of us were familiar with the author but he really felt God lead him to it at the Christian book store.

I really enjoyed it.

And it did change my perspective.

After reading the story I began to reflect upon my marriage.

The heroine was married to a man she didn’t choose, yet she chose to love him, because she wanted to honor God.

I gladly said “Yes!” when my husband asked for my hand.

Do I always choose to love him as an honor before God?

The woman in the book also had been given advice: “Don’t judge him…”

In her circumstance, she would cause havock if she were to try to explain to her husband what was “right and wrong” in her eyes. They were from vastly different cultures and had been raised with completely different rules.

So when her heart was breaking over a choice her husband made, she didn’t judge him. Instead she took it to God.

How easy it is to judge first and pray later.

Yet, my twenty plus years of marriage have taught me that judging my husband normal causes more pain.

Instead, praying for him and seeking God’s perspective has helped me discern when and how to speak with my husband, if at all. Sometimes I am the one in the wrong, normally because I jumped to a conclusion without listening.

There are other tidbits of perspective I’ve picked up from this Christian novel.

I’m thankful to God for the ability to change my way of thinking.

It’s a blessing to allow God to hone my character even through a book I read as entertainment.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for using a book to teach me new ideas. Thank You for Your Holy Word which sculpts my heart and mind daily. Lord, please continue to help me be wise as to what I allow myself to read, watch, or listen to. Please keep my heart safe from the lies of the enemy. Thank You for loving and teaching me each day.

Whose voice are you listening to?

Your testimonies also are my delight And my counselors.
Psalms 119:24 NKJV

It’s everywhere.

The social media is full to overflowing with the words of others.

All giving their personal perspective.

How often has this phrase been heard?

“What this country needs…”

All around us, continually are the voices of others.

Giving advice.

Sharing their opinions.

Speaking about what needs to change.

Yet it is scripture which holds the key to understanding and knowledge.

The voice of God has been recorded for any who wish to find the real answers.

Jesus, Himself, has been quoted and His answers to the questions of His day are applicable to ours.

There is profound wisdom held within Scripture.

The psalmist is our example and our response to the voices all around us.

Your testimoies…my delight And my counselors.
Psalms 119:24 NKJV

Through the Holy Word of God,

the Bible,

we are given words,

the counsel of the Almighty God.

What other voice can compare?