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Today was memorable!

I was blessed to be able to tag along as a group of students were taken back in time.

The teacher waited at the door, ringing the bell.

She was lovely in a long blue skirt, blue patterned waist and a soft yarn shawl.

Her hair was up and she wore wire glasses.

She taught the children as if it were 1867.

They left brimming over with excitement.

The last thing the teacher taught was how this old school came to be sitting next to a modern-day school and how it had been rescued and restored thanks to some girl scouts and lots of volunteers.

I thanked the Lord for those people and the ones who keep the history alive by teaching others.

Just last Saturday I was doing the same thing.

I was thanking the Lord for the people who were working tirelessly to keep another piece of history alive.


This is the oldest house in our area.

The Applegate House was built by Charles Applegate and his family.

He, his family and his two brothers and their families were the first whites to move here.

They had asked permission from the local Native American tribe leader.

Charles and the chief became good friends and their families never forgot it.

To open the day of activities there was an Indian welcome song sung.

Afterwards the great great granddaughter of Charles explained the Native American lady who sang the song was the great great granddaughter of the chief.

Then we were able to tour the house and step back in time.

Charles was a blacksmith and they still have some of the tools he made.

His wife was an herbalist and they’re working at restoring her garden.

A phonograph was wound and played for us.

A drum from the Revolutionary War was sitting in the corner.

Paintings and drawings and old old photographs.

Stories of joy and hardship, tragedy and great blessing.

Yet, throughout both visits into history I kept smiling at the similarities.

Family is still very important.

Teaching our children is still a priority.

No matter how, we have to work to make a living.

Respect must be taught, but it’s also well worth the lesson.

Integrity is a noble quality, and should be taught as well as lived.

How valuable it is to savor these things and to work at passing them on.

How grateful I am that others value them and taught me their value.

How good God is!

Underneath it all I can see He’s hand guiding, restoring, preserving.

He is the One who created it all.

He’s the One who loves us enough to teach us the value of self sacrifice, work, the gift of wisdom,  and so much more.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for these two places and all the people who have made them possible. Thank You for the lessons of love and giving. Thank You for walking with me and showing me these things. Thank You Jesus, this was so special!

(This post was written last Thursday. I’m sorry I missed getting it published sooner!)

Something old


History has always had a flavor of interest for me.

As a child my parents took us to museums, art galleries, old missions along the California coast, and any other areas of history they could find.

My view of the world I live in has benefited from the extra hours of looking back through the struggles and success of others.

Whenever possible I have striven to expand my children’s experience by turning to the old, antique,  and things of another era.

It hasn’t always been pleasant.

The time we stood in an air museum and our oldest, who was 10 at the time asked about a plane the Japanese used during World War II.

“Why were they flying the planes into the ships? How did they get out of the planes before they hit?”

The answer was tougher than we had expected.

Yet we learned a lesson.

Even the ugly awful truths of the past can be learned from.

But it takes honesty to admit them.

Especially when it is ugly in our own past.

I had a “heart to heart” with our oldest yesterday and during it I was explaining why her Dad and I feel so strongly about a particular circumstance.

In doing so I had to remind her of a choice her Dad and I made when we were young and neither of us are proud of.

Despite our convictions of following the Bible we chose to ignore it when it came to boundaries within our relationship.

We built our time together on feelings and physical attractions instead of getting to know each other. Learning how to best serve the other.

We were both selfish.

Looking out for our needs, wants, desires.

So after a few months of dating I turned up pregnant with her.

But God stepped in.

He has forgiven us of our wrong and turned us into people who desperately love each other.

But the consequences of our sin still had to be dealt with and we had to repent.

She listened and understood.

I squeezed her hand and urged her to read the Bible looking for the answers to her questions.

And in my own heart I think of 1 John 3:1a “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! “