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A trip to the grocery store

Our son is one of my heroes.

We went to Win Co, because we are out of nearly everything.

My hubby and Anne are down south.

Tim, Sis, and baby are there too.

So, it was just me and Jase.

I prayed.

I took my inhaler. (I never know what is going to happen when I go shopping.)

Then we walked in the store.

I was doing fine till near the end.

Then I lost my voice.

Took my inhaler and nothing.

So, I signed to Jase. He would have to talk for me.

I gave him my wallet and moved the cart to bag the groceries.

He did great.

He got a little confused about the money and gave her more than needed.

However he handled it well and apologized for not knowing it better.

Then he helped me load the cart.

Then load the car.

He put away the cart without me asking.

When we got home he unloaded the groceries.

He was worried about me so he asked me to sit down.

Since I’d not eaten before we left, he got me some food.

He made me some tea.

I am so blessed! (And after a little bit my voice returned.)

As we drove home, it hit me.

This is the boy who has a Communication Disorder.

The boy who struggles with talking to strangers.

This is the boy who doesn’t always understand what others are saying to him.

No one would have guessed he was doing something very hard for him as he stood there answering questions and handling everything I couldn’t.

This is our son, and he has come so far.

He has not given up.

Infact, I think he’s learned compassion, thoughtfulness, and service through this.

And am praising God!

I know it’s all because of Jesus.

Our son isn’t a mistake.

He’s perfectly created by God for a purpose and as he learns, grows, and matures I can see even more closely the wonders of God’s perfect plan in him.

And God is teaching me how even a moment of inability is an opportunity.

God used this trip to the store to stretch us both.

May God be glorified through our son and through me.

O LORD of hosts,

“O LORD of hosts, Blessed is the man who trusts in You!” Psalm 84:12

Yesterday was full of emotion for me.

My allergies seemed to be up, and I struggled with my asthma throughout the day, on into the night.

But the emotion was only magnified by my health, not the cause.

For several days we have been praying for a baby in Bangladesh.

He’s the first grandchild of our dear friends there and the baby was in the hospital with a high fever.

We have also been praying for our neighbors.

Their little boy fell and broke his arm and they have ended up hours away at a large hospital for multiple surgeries.

To add to these emotions our Bell’s best friend had her graduation party yesterday.

During the party I chatted with a sweet woman I’ve known since a teen and she shared about how God is using the separation she is undergoing with her husband.

I promised to stand with her in prayer.

But it wasn’t until last night as I sat praying with our family friends when I was able to see clearly where the emotion was coming from.

It became apparent with a few words my friend prayed for my complete healing.

She asked God to completely heal my lungs and resolve my allergies

I realized,

I had given up.

At some point I’d stopped expecting to be healed in any areas.

And those sweet words in my friend’s prayer showed me that I had stopped expecting God to heal others as well.

Sometimes trials wear on us to the point we stop expecting God to be the hero.

Or even worse, we stop seeing how He is our hero.

And when the Lord showed me how I had resolved to just be sick, He spoke gently to my heart.

I am holding you child, and I hear your prayers.

“Father, I want to expect miracles again, because I know You truly are working. I just am struggling to see it. Please help me to find expectation again.”

And this morning I woke.

My husband and I were praying together when work called him.

He was needed.

He was preparing to go and I was getting ready for my day when he called me.

He had received a message from Bangladesh.

The baby was healed and home from the hospital!

Praise God!

“O LORD of hosts, Blessed is the man who trusts in You!”