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4 good days

It’s been so nice!

From Tuesday through Friday I’ve felt much better.

Better than I have in months.

I said to Bell,

“Get ready! I’m feeling so much better and-”

She cut me off.

“I know Mom, when you feel like getting more done you expect it from everyone!”

She was smiling.

“It’s so nice to see you feeling better!”

And I did get more done.

I helped with school work.

Jase and I were able to get his binder done in record time.

I’ve done laundry.

I’ve cooked.

I went shopping.

I cleaned house.

Visited friends.

Jase even had a friend over.

It was lovely.

And through it all I was so eager.

“When I’m completely well I can…”

“If I keep feeling this much better I want to…”

“Wow, things are worse off around here than I thought, if I’m able to…”


All that and more was racing through my brain.

But the theme which kept creeping back in was finally getting back to being the Mom I want to be.

And when I woke Saturday I thought it would be another “good day”.

And it was,

but not because I felt good.

I didn’t.

All day I struggled.

I knew early on God wanted me to simply rest.

It wasn’t easy, but I was able to put aside my desires and do very little.

One part of the day is a treasure.

I was in bed, too tired to get up.

I called Jase in.

He grabbed his iPad and climbed up next to me.

He played a video game and talked while I crocheted.

It was fun.

When my hubby and the girls got home they were a bit disappointed by my inability.

(No more than myself.)

Yet, bless them, they just rolled with it.

Today, is another rest day.

Infact, I’m not going to make it to church again.

And I’m disappointed.

But no matter how I feel I don’t want to lose the joy and thankfulness of living.

I try to make it a habit of thanking God first thing, before I do anything.

And as my day rolls on being thankful for all that comes.

I know the dangers of allowing emotions to drive my attitude.

Circumstances should never be what characterizes my day or outlook or value.

Jesus loves me.

And that makes every day a good day!

Jesus died for me.

And that means every day belongs to Him.

Jesus is always good.

And that makes every detail of my life a chance to praise Him even if I don’t feel it.