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Perfect timing

It’s Monday.

Like most folks, I’ve got a good deal of things on my schedule.

My thoughts this morning have centered on the needs and the requirements.

My emotions have been a bit ruffled.

Nothing traumatic, I’m just tired and feeling unable to walk into the day.

It’s not uncommon for me to feel tired, it just gets old.

But God has been reminding me that He is able.

I don’t have to feel energetic or “able to tackle the day”.

I just have to put my trust in Him and take the first step.

But before I got to the first step, I needed to open my heart to the Lord this morning.

I’m dealing with some fear and needed to tell the Lord about it and confess my wayward heart which wants to waste time in worry.

After some time the Lord directed me to a scripture.

I opened my Bible, but instead of reading was interrupted.

When I returned to my Bible and journal, I went back to praying, forgetting that I’d not read.

After a bit my heart was laid open to us both and my eyes turned to the open page.

Psalm 147:11 NKJV — The LORD takes pleasure in those who fear Him, In those who hope in His mercy.

Perfect timing!

God’s Word is the strength I need for my weariness.

God’s Truth is what I need for my frightened feelings.

God’s will is for me to walk through the tired and frightened moments, not in them.

And I love that.

He gives me exactly what I need.

His timing is perfect.

His Word is trustworthy.

He is so good!

Psalm 73:28 KJV — But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all thy works.

Dear Lord Jesus,
Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank You so much for all Your blessings. Lord, thank You for Your unending love and amazing mercy, Your indescribable peace,and Your grace which surpasses understanding. Lord, please restore Your people to Yourself. If there is anything which is hindering our walk with You, Lord please show us, help us to be quick to repent from any wrong doing. Lord, please help us to walk with You in truth, daily. Lord, please help us to be diligent to pass on the knowledge and blessings of following You. Help us to be people who shine into the darkness. Lord, please help us to be transformed by Your Word, that our lives might bring glory to Your name. We love You, Jesus. Thank You. Amen.

November 16

Today’s prayer:

2 Samuel 22:33 NKJV — God is my strength and power, And He makes my way perfect.

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank You for being perfect. Thank You for being my strength. Lord, You know exactly what is happening around me and in me. You know all the details of my life. Lord, I give You my day, my week. Lord, I look to You for all my needs. Lord Jesus, I trust You. Please, help those who are sick and hurting. Lord, please be their comfort. Please be their strength. Lord, please bring the prodigal back to their senses, that they might realize You are waiting for them to return to You. Lord Jesus, thank You for salvation. Please continue to soften hearts and spread Your Gospel throughout the world. Lord Jesus, please continue to speak to Your children and to hone the hearts of Your people. Please, Lord, let those called by Your name be praying and seeking You in all things. Raise up a generation of dedicated followers of Christ, who shun evil and cling to You. Thank You, Lord. Thank You. Amen.


The last time I was at our property I was too sick to really do much.

I can’t even remember much about it.

However, the last time my husband was there he noticed something.

He told me when he saw it he knew it would bless me.

And he was right.

This beautiful Iris is one of several in a rectanglar shaped container.

Years ago, he made it and suggested I use it for flowers.

It’s held Iris bulbs ever since.

Some how in our move it had gotten over looked.

I was very glad when he and our son-in-law brought it here.

This morning, I was extra blessed to see the blossom.

Especially since our property sold, last Friday.

We’d been waiting for some information about the progress of the sale.

We’ve learned not to expect to sign papers until we hear from the title company, but everything had been silent.

Until Friday.

The call came in, we needed to sign papers.

It felt odd, sitting with masks across from the notary, who was wearing gloves and a mask as well.

To put ink on paper which meant a chapter of our lives, seven years, was closed.

It’s opening into something new, and we are glad for the couple who are so excited about living there.

We are very thankful to be able to move forward into the next chapter God has for us.

Although we shall always carry the love and memories of that dear valley with us.

I can truly look upon that purple Iris and praise God for His hand of direction in our lives.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to bring those flowers and the memories with us.

As these days, in a new chapter unfold, I’m thankful.

His plans and path for us is so much better than anything I could possibly have imagined.

Truly, His ways are perfect!

Deuteronomy 32:4 KJV — He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he.