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Perfect timing

The Lord’s timing is perfect.

As a young adult I often wondered why God waited on things.

My thought was, “I prayed, where is the answer? What are You waiting for?”

It’s only in looking backwards that I can see the reasons He did things.

And very often He did answer, it just didn’t look like what I expected, so I didn’t recognize it for what it was.

So, I’ve learned and I’m still learning about God’s timing.

As I prepared for bed last night, I wanted something to read, something to take my mind off the circumstances our family is in right now.

Our hearts have been heavy with concern for two family members who are dealing with health issues and we’ve also been seeking God for some other family members and the future God has for them.

We know the Lord is in charge and He will see them all through, but I’d be lieing if I didn’t admit we are all pretty emotional and rather spent.

So, I was asking the Lord what I should read.

What about My Word?


Wish I’d thought of that myself, but yes, I will right after I brush my teeth.

While in the other room I noticed a Voice of the Martyr’s Magazine.

My curiosity caused me to flip to the inside and read about a little girl.

She was 7 when a suicide bomber set off a bomb in the courtyard of her church on Easter Sunday in 2019.

Both her parents died and she became blind.

The incredible part of the story is how this has affected her.

She’s a devout Christian and, although she misses her parents,is secure she will be with them again in heaven.

The article mentioned more that her attitude on life is encouraging to others.

After reading this uplifting story, I got in bed and read the book of Ruth.

It’s where I was in my Bible plan and it was perfect.

I wanted to read something to escape, but instead God gave me something to inspire.

Both Ruth and this little girl had experienced great loss.

Both chose to respond by clinging to God.

Both have been rewarded, their lives are testifying to the goodness of God.

How can I say that when the little girl is blind and an orphan?

Because it’s not about her circumstances, it’s about her soul and after reading the article it is clear her soul is safe with Jesus.

It is with renewed vigor that I begin today.

No, our family circumstances have not really changed nor has healing visited those who are hurting, but I know God is faithful.

He sees all that each one is going through and He has a perfect plan for it all.

His timing is perfect.

And I can trust that He is answering our prayers.

I’m looking forward to seeing what He shall do in and through all these things.

And while I’m waiting, I’m going to praise Him.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You so much for leading me to read those two stories. How encouraging it is to see others follow You no matter the cost! What joy to see You working in the lives of others. How great and mighty You are! Your ways are so much higher than our ways and Your thoughts higher than our thoughts. Lord, thank You for being so loving and compassionate. Thank You for carrying us through no matter the circumstance. Thank You for turning what the enemy meant for evil into good. How I long for the day when evil shall be dealt with, but I know it is your great mercy which stays Your hand and I love that. Lord Jesus, I want people to know You. I want people to be saved and I know You want that even more than I. Thank You for being so merciful, so faithful. Amen.

Lessons from an 8 yr old


Our family was blessed to add a little girl to our family while her parents were overseas.

As the only girl,
with 3 big brothers,
our house was a unique experience for her.

She reminded me of a few things I haven’t thought of lately.

1.) It’s okay to love pink, play dress up and cuddle dollies.
2.) Words are listened to better when spoken softly.
3.) Sisters are a gift, whether born in your family or friends who love deeply.
4.) Never leave behind the ability to dream of happy endings.
5.) Cinderella is the story of every girl: the desire to be loved for the beauty within,  the need to be cherished and valued. (Which each of us finds in Jesus Christ)
6.) No matter the age, a girl can cheer on her friends and family from the sidelines,  because we don’t always get to play.
7.) When our turn comes to join in,  give it all you have and be glad no matter what the score is.
8.) It’s easier to sleep when you are tucked in with a hug and a prayer.
9.) No matter how special it is to visit others, there’s no substitute for family

Next year all our daughters will be teenagers and this small reminder of little-girlhood has been filled with sweet memories and reminders.

My heart has been encouraged to pray for my family all the more.

To cover the children of our area and the friends of our children.

To pray for the little ones who have been denied the childhood of protection, nurture, and understanding.

And to savoir the beauty