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I got up early
to water my flowers.

I’d already made my hubby his lunch and decided that a little time with my garden might help.

(There’s just something about flowers that makes me happy.)

My sleep hadn’t been sweet and my dreams were nightmares.

So I was feeling out of sorts.

As I watered I gave into


my worries to the Lord.

What about this need?
How am I going to get to that ?
When should I try to go there and..?

You get the idea.

Instead the Lord talked about watering.

Which plants need more water?

The young.

Which plants can handle a dry spell better?

The ones that are established. Their roots have spread out and can gather more.

Which one are you?



Deep breath.

Thank You.

I am still young but wasn’t planted yesterday and I know Who it is that waters me.

If I feel a little dry I probably need to stretch out and search the Word again.

Like this morning.

I came in and read my Bible about gardening, and I realized even when God plants a garden it needs watering.

“Now a river went out of Eden to water the garden,…” Gen. 2:10a

Like me, I hope you allow Him to water you this morning.