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They’re off!

They’ve been best friends for ten years.

This morning I dropped them off at the airport.

Their first step in an adventure of time devoted to God.

Since travel and serving Jesus rarely goes as planned, I expect some things to change, but their main reason for this trip is to volunteer in a cafe owned and operated by a church.

August is holiday season and it’s more difficult for the church to find volunteers for keeping the cafe open.

I look forward to hearing all the Lord does.

My prayer for both girls is to shine the light of Jesus Christ wherever they are and to draw closer to Him each day.

As Jase and I walked back to the car he looked at me.

“Mom, there’s no crying,” he said gently.

Then he put his arm around me and reminded me they were going to be fine.

I just smiled.

I wasn’t tearing up because of fear of their safety.

It was the realization that they are children no longer.

My Mommy heart just doesn’t want the childhood chapter to close, but my Lord reminds me:

As one chapter ends another begins.

I wonder what amazing blessings, miracles, and acts of God will occur in this chapter?