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farmAs a child my life was within the confines of the backyard,

Our street



Occasional visits to family


The places we visited on vacation.

There were outings to the mall

The corner lot used as a once-a-year pumpkin patch

The cotton farm

But never did I really understand what farm life was like.

When my parents began looking for a “farm”

I was overjoyed

So was my little sister

We spent time talking together

and with all our friends

about the new life we would have

A garden to grow vegetables

Our own animals

A great big farm house

Space to run and play

Our own stream

It was a good thing I didn’t know what was ahead of me.

Not everyone would have the same experiences we had

Some of this was due to the fact that neither of my parents were raised on a real, live, working farm

Nor were either of them afraid to try their hand at whatever needed to be done

Some of the lessons were because our folks couldn’t afford a place that was up and running

Some of it was simply because of who we were.

I soon learned that a pig can bite a sizable hole in a rubber boot if allowed to do so.

Lambs are born at the worst time of the night, in the worst weather, and the worst possible section of the field.

Goats were not made for fence unless it is electric and “on” at all times.

Cows have no problem making your foot, leg or arm their standing place.

Chickens are happy to eat your tomato bugs, tomato plants, tomato leaves, and tomatoes.

There is nothing like a hard day’s work.

Staying up all night to save a small life brings incredible satisfaction.

The amazing amount of things you can make or fix with bailing twine.

The view from the side of the valley, at sunrise, when the mist rolls over the mountains, is breathe taking.

The pleasure of a warm fire, home cooked food, and family.

Although life moved on and the farm is only a memory

I am thankful that the Lord allowed that time in my life

Taught me the things He did in those situations

Gave me a real appreciation for those who are farmers

And a never tiring list of stories to tell to anyone who feels like listening.