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A day of answered prayer

It’s not been very fun.

I’ve been struggling with migraines off and on for two weeks.

Yesterday morning greeted me with the same migraine I’d gone to bed with.

It wasn’t exactly a welcoming way to wake up.

Yet, the Lord’s soft voice reminded me to trust.

Time with the Lord helped me sort out my emotions and my priorities.

My prayer request, which I shared with a friend and our children, was my resting in the Lord’s hands.

Especially since we were expecting to have Pastor and his wife over for supper.

We are just getting to know the body here, and with the appointment, my “to do” list was longer than usual.

With all these things on my mind, I knew my struggle would be with letting go of the desires I’d already formed and simply trusting God with it all.

Personally, I had been praying for my husband.

He had shared his own request with me the night before.

Prayer for our daughters, the two in college, has been a continuous thread in my conversations with Jesus.

Throughout the earliest part of the morning the Lord brought several people to mind and heart.

It is always a pleasure to lift up others in prayer, but it can also be exhausting.

Since my body was already struggling, even praying seemed to require more effort.

Yet, I knew I could rest in God’s love.

It was mid morning.

I’d been struggling through teaching homeschool.

Our sweet Anne had made me a heat pack for my head.

I’d closed my eyes for a moment, trying to pray for strength to do what was required.

It was incredible.

My migraine melted away.

Before too long, I was able to share with the kids and text my friend the praise report.

It was such a pleasure to be free from the pain.

As the day went on I received a text.

It was relating a fact which was another answer to prayer.

It was an amazing answer to years of prayer, one I’d prayed on faith alone, because circumstances did nothing to show it as being possible.

My heart rejoiced.

God was teaching me, speaking with me, about His faithfulness.

These days of restrictions physically have worn me down emotionally.

The voice of doubt has whispered, “Will you ever be well?” too often of late.

Battling the enemy can wear upon the soul.

God was lifting my heart.

And He wasn’t finished.

That afternoon I received a call from one of our college students.

She was excited to relate circumstances which support and encourage her endeavors at school.

It was another answered prayer.

When my husband arrived home, he was in great spirits.

He shared with me how God had really answered his prayer request of the previous night.

It brought tears to my eyes as I listened to yet another answered prayer.

Pastor and his wife arrived and we all had a lovely time of fellowship and getting to know one another.

As I prepared for bed, reflecting on our conversation, it occurred to me that it was another answered prayer.

I’d asked God several times throughout the day to bless our time together.

And that’s exactly what occurred.

In the moment of reflection God’s truth was apparent.

The enemy might be able to fling discouragement and doubt at me.

My body might be frail or in pain.

Life might require courage and trust to face the unknown.

But nothing compares to the faithfulness of Christ Jesus.

He is worthy of all praise and honor.

His Word is life.

His love is true.

His salvation is perfect.

Dear Jesus,

Thank You so much for so many answered prayers. Thank You for carrying me through each and every day. Thank You for holding me in Your hands. No matter the circumstances, You are faithful. Thank You!

A day in the life of Isaac


This is our dining table.

On a typical day it can look just the same or it can be covered in papers and dishes and other items.

But it is a part of our everyday life.

So what does it have to do with Isaac?

Very little, if at all.

Infact it is a picture of my everyday, not Isaac’s.

Yet the idea of looking into the life of a man who was the son of Abraham, who had God so integrated into the fabric of his entire life, has been teaching me of late.

One thing which truly surprised me was thinking about this man’s history and realizing he didn’t know he would be included in God’s Word.

He didn’t know how his life was going to go.

He simply lived and trusted God to care for him.

He was a living being, not just a Bible hero.

Gen. 26 is what grabbed my attention.

It begins with a famine.

Not the way anyone wants their life to turn.

Yet with the famine comes God’s voice to Isaac.

Gen. 26:3-4
“Do not go down to Egypt; live in the land of which I will tell you, Dwell in this land and I will be with you and bless you; for to you and your descendants I give all these lands and will perform the oath which I swore to Abraham your father.”

God continues on with His promises for Isaac.

And Isaac’s response is staggering.

“So Isaac dwelt in Gerar.” Gen. 26:6

He simply obeyed.

Why does this amaze me?

Because it is rare.

In my own life, when things are bad, when there isn’t enough, when I’m watching those around me suffer, I don’t want to stay there. I want a change.

I want to make something work.

I  want to move into a better place.

When Isaac was in the middle of a famine with his animals, servants, and wife, God said, “Don’t go anywhere till I say so.”

And Isaac obeyed.

So I’m looking at this scripture and asking God to help me.

To remind me in the circumstances I don’t find comfortable that to obey is far better than to run.

Because Isaac was a real person with emotions and concerns, sorrow and joy and toil, I can follow his example and also obey God.

I’m praying for the courage to stick it out when things are tough, because Isaac’s life proves God is faithful.

And I want my everyday life to reflect that.