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An Easter meal to remember

Anne worked hard on Saturday.

She wanted the house to reflect the festivities of our Risen Savior.

I had gotten up for a bit and she showed me all she had done.

It was beautiful.

I was blessed by her creativity.

She had gotten into the storage boxes and looked for anything she might use.

I commented on how nicely she had done.

“Mom, what are we going to have tomorrow?”

I shrugged.

“Maybe Daddy can smoke us some chicken.”

With me being in bed for so long, I didn’t know what we had for groceries.

Anne decided to make some deviled eggs, and she informed me we still had some potato salad Bell had made.

My husband had to spend the day at our property working. Bell had gone down also to get a few things.

Anne and I both knew they wouldn’t have time to go buy anything.

I could tell Anne was a little concerned about our meal, but I reminded her to trust God.

When we went to bed, my husband still hadn’t arrived home.

So when I got back up later that evening to welcome them, I had a big surprise waiting.

My husband and our daughter were bringing in groceries.

A ham, potato casserole, rolls, salad, and an apple pie.

All of it had been a gift to our family.

The next day I made sure to text our thanks and appreciation.

Her response was simple:

“As I was buying our ham at Costco yesterday the Lord brought you to my mind and knowing the situation your family has been in with you being so limited with your health I figured everyone might need a little break. I only wish some of it was homemade!! At least it won’t be too much work for anyone.
Hope your family has a wonderful Easter celebration together!”

Even now, I can not properly express my gratitude and appreciation.

We had a wonderful Easter celebration.

We watched service online.

Then we had our own worship and my husband taught from Isaiah 53.

Our meal was one of the nicest Easter meals we’ve ever had.

Truly, God is incredible.

His ways are so much higher than ours.

He is so faithful.

This really was an Easter to remember.

Praise God!

Preparing for Sunday

Obviously, this is not an ordinary Easter weekend.

Yet, the order to stay home doesn’t change the fact that this is a Sunday not to be forgotten.

The day Jesus rose again!

Just think on what that moment meant.

What it still means!

Life, death, and eternity all changed forever.

That’s worth celebrating!

It doesn’t take a crowd.

Nor fancy clothes.

Nor tables piled with food.

This celebration only needs one thing.

Our hearts.

True worship of God and His Son Jesus.

Not an agenda.

Not speaking ritualistic words.

But the honest, humble, grateful heart.

Because it was my sin which nailed Him there.

It was my voice that denied knowing Him.

And it was my debt He suffered and died for.


That is the incredible, awesome truth of Jesus.

He paid it all for me.

And He did the same for you.

I can’t think of a better reason to celebrate!

And I’m starting today.

Just in simple ways to praise and thank my Lord Jesus.

Hebrews 13:15 KJV — By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

Two Mason Jars

It was a dream.

My husband was standing next to our dining room table and explaining to the family, “a thankfulness jar”.

Basically it was an ordinary Mason jar which we were to each write one thing we are thankful for and place the papers in the jar.

I remember him talking about our need to give thanks to God regularly for all our blessings.

Then I woke.

I pondered.

“Lord, I like this. I think it would be good for all of us.”

“The girls could even decorate a jar, so it would be pretty. It could be sitting on the piano.”


“Lord, what am I missing? It feels like I only have half the plan.”

Bible verses

“Of course. Love it! We will have two jars, one for our thankfulness notes and the other for scripture.”

It’s perfect.

I texted the information to both our girls.

Easter Sunday seems a beautiful time to begin.

I have been praying about which verse to begin with.

I think this is the one:

Matthew 28:6 KJV — He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. (Emphasis mine.)

No matter your circumstances, I pray you are able to find creative ways to praise and thank our Lord Jesus this Easter.

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank You so much for Your sacrifice. Lord, as we look to Easter Sunday please help our hearts be completely focused upon praising You for all You have done. Let us never grow weary of the greatest story, Your story. Help us find renewed vigor from the trials You walked through. Lord Jesus, please bring our hearts and minds back to You on this, the best of holidays, for without Your Resurrection we have no hope of heaven. Thank You Jesus for dieing for me. Thank You for rising again! Praise be to God on high!!

An every Sunday Easter lesson

(This is a guest post from our Anne.)

When I was little my family faithfully took me and my siblings to church both Saturday night and Sunday morning.

I would go to the nursery and be minded by “my bestfriend”.

She is a wonderful lady and she taught me several things.

She would say, “Jesus and I love you this much”.

Then she would stand and spread her arms far apart.

As far as they could go.

As a response I would do the same thing back to her.

“I love you this much!”

When I got older I realized the point she was making.

Jesus loves me so much that He

spread His arms

in the most painful way.

His arms were stretched and nailed.

He accepted the World’s sin,

mine included.

He spread His arms in the most painful way,

so I don’t have to.


He rose


Easter–a day to remember


Easter means different things to different people.

Yet the reason our family does things out of the norm is our effort to remember.

The tomb,
it was used but only for a short while.

The cross,
it was brutal and gruesome yet paid for the sin of all mankind.

The trial,
was rigged but the outcome was used by God to bless the world.

The people,
were confused, frustrated, scaried, and angry yet God turned it so that each one might have a chance to be saved.

The MAN,
Jesus was more than a prophet, more than a teacher, more than a good and loving person. He was God’s own Son and He died the death of sinners because only a spotless lamb could be the sacrifice. Only God could live on Earth and never sin. Only He could pay the penalty for all sin. And only Jesus could then rise again, winning over sin and death so none might taste of the penalty if he/she would simply believe.

It seems too easy.

Or perhaps it’s too difficult.

Yet for two thousand years mankind has been wrestling with who this Jesus is and what He did.

Whether you attend services or not,

Whether you choose to eat candy and dress up or you fix the norm and head to work,

Whether you know what the story is or have little knowledge,

Take time this Easter to look into the amazing story of Jesus.

His life,
His ministry,
His trial,
His death and resurrection.

The Gospel of John (18-20) is one of my favorite ways to read the story and remember.

without the knowledge that my sins are paid,
I would be hopeless.

Without the peace in my heart that one day I will see Jesus again,
I’d be down cast.

Without the joy of a home in heaven,
I’d be miserable. 

For this weekend I will remember the story.

Relive all the drama,
praise God,
for what He gave us: