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“Lord, why?”

(This is a guest post from Anne.)

This is what I have been saying a lot.

“Lord, why?”

“Lord, why is our house seemingly falling to pieces?”

“Why do we have two feet of snow when we are trying to work on the house?”

Then our power goes out.

“Lord, why did You let the power go out?”

A few days into our power outage Dad walks out of his bedroom looking grim.

“Anne, get your stuff and clean off the front seat of the truck for Mom.”

I didn’t question him.

His face was too serious.

Rush, rush, rush.

I could tell we are in a hurry even though I don’t have a clue why.

All of us kids are strapped into the truck seats, waiting.

I see Mom holding onto Dad’s arm.

She’s walking really slowly.

“Mom, are you okay?”

All she could do was sign, o.k. while she smiled the whole time.

Driving to the E.R.

“Lord, why?”

“Why does Mom have asthma?”

“Why has Mom had to be so sick all these weeks?”

“God, I’m starting to feel like a kitchen drudge. It seems all I do is try so hard to keep on top of school and housekeeping. Father, I’m trying so hard to clean the house for Mom. We are all trying so hard to help Mom get better. I just want life to be normal again. ”

We arrive at the E.R.

They took Mom back.

About an hour later we were able to go back and see her.

She was able to talk again.

The doctor sent us home.

When we were all back in the truck Dad told us Mom was going to stay with Tim and Sis till power was restored.

Mom asked if she were going alone.

Dad said, “Yes, I think that’s best.”

My mouth stayed tightly closed but my heart cried, “no,no,no!”

“Lord, why?”

Dad dropped us girls at the gym to work out and shower while he took Mom home to pack a bag.

I was surprised when he picked us back up and asked me, “You want to go with Mom?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

And that began our week together at Sis and Tim’s.

My week with Mom all to myself.

God used the time to answer my prayers, to talk to me, to teach me so many things.

Even though there was a point I didn’t think it could get much harder or that I’d ever be grateful for that day in the E.R. I am.

I am so thankful for that day.

I am so thankful for the week we had.

“Thank You, Lord.”

“I’m starting to see why.”