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Something dead

Nope, I’m not adding a picture of something dead to the post.

I refuse.

Actually I would have, but the “something dead” was eaten and I hadn’t thought to take a picture at 4 am.

So, instead you get something living!

But the morning’s arrival really didn’t bother me too much.

I’ve lived in the country most of my life.

Which I’m very thankful for.

Yet there are always things which are less than enjoyable no matter where you live.

So when my hubby called me out of bed to tell me there was “something dead” on the front porch I wasn’t shocked.

We have two cats and I was actually glad to hear one of them was doing their job.

I normally only see them sitting on the porch railing.

Mew, mew, mewing to be fed.

I don’t mind feeding them, but I do not appreciate it when they are lazy and don’t catch mice or moles or other ground varmints.

So the dead critter on the front porch was evidence of good.


Like me yesterday.

With all the changes we need to make my flower beds need to be moved.

It’s not the best time to move many of them.

As I dug plants up yesterday I was well aware of the chances I was taking.

“Lord, after all the expectation I had for my flowers this year, this is hard.”

I dug and replanted more.

Since I’m still working on building back my strength I have to take many breaks.

On one I was looking at the destruction all around me.

Our out-building which partially collapsed in the snow, our house which looks awful where the deck used to be, the trees limbs and branches everywhere.

Then down at the beds I’m digging up.

My expectations of a beautiful yard are dead.

“Lord, no matter what dies or is destroyed or how hard it is to look at, I trust You.”

With letting expectation die I’m allowing the Lord to grow me.

As much as I love flowers they are not as important as my walk.

Because none of this stuff is permanent.

Our house, our yard, our cars, our property, nothing material is going to last forever.

Only Jesus is.

He is eternal and my soul is eternal and my relationship with Jesus is.

And He’s promised me a home in heaven.

What flower, building or landscape can rival that!