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Odds and ends

I’ve been trying to get some things finished up and make time for stuff I’ve put off.

With all the changes of late, I’m needing to get some projects either done or gone.

Throughout my life, I’ve had “projects”.

Normally, some form of craft.

As a child my mother taught me to embroider, just simple stitches, but I would gladly run for my work to show grownups.

I also remember decorating all kinds of things with buttons.

Our elderly lady neighbor taught me to crochet.

Mom is left-handed so she couldn’t teach me as I’m right-handed.

I had mounds of paper crafts, everything from drawings to construction paper cut-outs.

As a teen I branched out into painting.

Watercolor was my favorite, but I did acrylic and oil.

I also dried flowers.

After I got married I started scrapbooking and did a little rubber stamping.

I also sewed.

My favorite craft is crocheting.

Anyone might guess this if they saw what I get for Christmas!

As of right now I have three sewing projects which have gotten pushed aside.

However, I have been able to finish up most of my crocheting.

The final project is making a replacement table runner for my dining room.

It’s nearly finished and I’m excited to see it in use.

As I prayerfully work through my projects, I’m so thankful for the opportunity.

Part of the reason I make things is my desire to “work with my hands”, but the main reason is the joy of doing something useful, to glorify God.

For life has taught me that things are always changing, but the possibility of using what I have for Him is constant.

Whether I’m piecing scraps of old jeans for a blanket or cooking a meal for our family, I’m blessed to be able to give my time to God.

I want all that I do to bring honor and glory to God.

Proverbs 31:30 NKJV — Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your Word. Thank You for the different gifts and abilities which You bless each of us with. Thank You that these things can be used for Your glory. Lord Jesus, unto You do I want all my efforts to be focused on. Lord, I don’t want to do anything from my own desires or my own ideas, but instead I want to be centered upon You in all things. Lord, it is easy to get caught up with the busy of life and to forget to check my heart and my schedule with You. Please do not allow me to stray into my own ways, but instead call me, that I might return quickly to You. Thank You, Jesus for Your patience. Thank You for Your faithfulness. Thank You for teaching me so much each and every day. May my life bring glory to Your name. Amen.

Pot holder

I’ve been working on this all day.

It went to the Allergist office with me this morning.

I had just begun one side.

It went to Michaels craft store, as I was not going to be able to finish it without more yarn.

It’s been on my lap during Math and Science.

I worked on it while taking lunch break.

Just now, I finished it.

I’ve never made one before, but I’m happy with the results.

Because it’s not about the time or energy it took, it’s about the love.

I have every intension of giving this away.

Hopefully, with another exactly like it.

As I was praying for someone yesterday, the Lord mentioned my yarn box.

I opened it, wondering what He was leading me to.

When my eyes fell on the cotton yarn, His voice spoke.

Make her a pot holder.

Of course, I was hesitant.

But thankfully, I didn’t argue.

My day didn’t allow for me to start the project, so I simply prayed about it.

This morning God brought it to mind again.

And now I can praise Him, for it is finished.

I’m always amazed at how He uses small things to teach me large ones.

Like making this simple gift for someone I love.

The time, energy, and prayer I put into this was all a joy, because of my love for the person who will receive it.

As I reflected on my joy in doing for another, my heart took another step toward the Lord, for He is always at work upon my behalf.

And His work is simply a proof of His love.

Both are unmeasurable.

My heart swells with the thought.

I deserve none of this and yet He loves me.

And the lesson came from a day crocheting a gift.

Which He told me to make.


Praise God.

I’m so thankful for so many things.

I’m grateful He taught me how to do this.

I’m blessed with the ability to move my fingers and create something.

I’m thankful for His heart that shows me how loving and steadfast He is.

Truly, what a blessing it is to serve the Almighty God!

Hebrews 12:28 KJV — Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:

When things just don’t…

Seem to work.

I crocheted, tore out, and crocheted more.

I’d put it down for a while and then come back to it. Sometimes a little break helps the brain.

Yet, it didn’t seem to work.

It wasn’t coming together.

“Lord, why is this so difficult? Why can’t I seem to figure out how to make it?”

– silence –

So, I kept at it.

Not really knowing what else to do.

My husband looked at it and said:


“It’s supposed to be a sheep.”

“Oh. Well you could add some black spots to it. It would look more like a cow.”

“Thanks. But I’m trying to make a sheep.”

Eventually, I put the eyes on hoping somehow it would help.


Didn’t help.

I went to bed fairly frustrated at my day’s work.

Why are you angry?

“Lord, I’m just trying to serve You. I thought You wanted me to make a sheep.”

Why are you disappointed?

“It just doesn’t look like a sheep to me.”

Does it really matter?

And I instantly remembered Jase’s Mr. Snuggly.

Many years ago we were at a movie theater and my son was blessed by a gentleman who had won two stuffed toys from one of those claw games.

He had walked straight over to us and asked if he could give Jase the toys.

One was a Mutant Ninja Turtle.

The other was a cute, something.

At home we all discussed what he might be.

We gave it up.

We could never agree on what animal he was.

That didn’t matter to Jase.

He loved Mr. Snuggly and is keeping it for his future children.

So, I can look at the sheep/cow and thank God.

I know even if it doesn’t seem to work like I wanted it to, it wasn’t a failure.

Failure is choosing not to try.

Failure would have been allowing the difficulty to rob me of finishing.

Failure would have been assuming that since it’s not coming together God must not want me to do this after all.

I know God allows me moments of struggle, seasons of difficult, times which require more, because it’s in these I grow stronger in Him.

When it comes together beautifully and easily I’m in danger of sliding into pride, thinking it’s all my own ability.

So, I can look on this moment of struggle and the weird stuffed animal it produced and praise God.

He’s reminding me that all my abilities are from Him.

He’s teaching me how to let go of my own ideals and surrender to His.

He has touched my heart in a way that has left me even more thankful for all the other projects which turned out well.

And who knows, maybe one of my grandchildren will love it.

No matter what becomes of this little animal, I know I can rest in God’s perfect will.

I’m happy to have something not seem to work if it’s another way for me to grow closer to Jesus.

What do you think? Sheep or cow?

The yarn box

It was a few days ago.

I was putting a small ball of yarn in the plastic box I keep it.

Most of it is the leftovers from the giant bag Tim and Sis got me at a yard sale over a year ago.

I have made many teddy bears from that yarn, plus blankets, hats, and baby sweaters.

The remnants have been sitting quietly in the tote.

“Lord, what am I supposed to do with all this leftover yarn?”

Make small animals.

“Oh! Well…what am I starting with?”

A turtle, get out the green.

So, I obeyed.

It wasn’t easy.

Infact, crocheting a turtle turned out to be a lot more complicated than I expected.

However, God patiently walked me through it.

My girls loved it and said they each wanted one.

Frankly, I wasn’t thrilled.

“That was a pain to make, not sure I want to make more,” came my ungracious response.

On top of that, part of me was wondering why God had me doing this.

What use are they?

However, whether I understood what the plan was or not, I knew obedience is better than sacrifice.

I got my attitude back in order and asked the Lord for His forgiveness and patience with me.

The next day I made a fox.

Yesterday, it was another turtle and the octopus.

In prayer this morning, I was asking the Lord again.

“What do You want me to do with these? Why am I making them?”

To bring joy.

I had to smile.

Sometimes, I make things way too complicated.

With all the uncertainty surrounding us, I had not thought about the need to simply be joyful.

Crafting things has always been something which brings me joy.

And if you could see the smiles on the faces of my family as they look over each new toy, it’s obviously bringing them joy.

I’ve been texting pictures of these creative outlets to my oldest daughter, who seems to be enjoying them.

I even sent a few pictures to my mom for a smile.

Yet, it took God’s gentle voice to help me see why crocheting scrap yarn into funny animals is actually a blessing.

God isn’t interested in just the big and important.

He’s also in the smallest details.

And He wants us to find joy even amidst the uncertainty.

So, today, I’ll grab out some more leftover yarn and my crochet hook while going through our homeschool day.

I’ll also be looking for other opportunities to praise the Lord and spread joy to those around me.

Because, I can choose to be joyful, and it’s a privilege to share it.

Psalm 32:11 KJV — Be glad in the LORD, and rejoice, ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.

Tying knots

Mom has said many times, “It’s really just tying knots.”

As a child, I couldn’t see her point at all.

She was referring to crocheting.

Every stitch in an Afghan or blanket is a series of special knots made in a specific order.

My idea of a knot was what my shoe laces were always doing.

Later in life I saw some pictures and examples of knots used aboard sailing ships.

When I met my husband, he showed me his skill with knot tying as part of his knowledge of woodcraft.

After we were married, I showed him my crocheting.

He thought it was really cool that if you pull on the string before you tie off your work, the whole thing will unravel.

It all returns to the single string of yarn.

It was last night when God taught me something about knot tying.

He used my crocheting to do it.

I was in bed with a migraine.

I’d run out of medicine and although I refilled it, I’d reached the point where I had to stay resting or I’d start being sick.

So, I was laying flat on my back crocheting, when His gentle voice spoke with my heart.

It’s about tying knots.

“What is, Lord?”

Life. You either allow me to direct and guide you, teaching you the best stitches at the time, or you tie your own knots without any idea of what I’m creating.

I looked at my work.

One wrong stitch will throw the entire project off and normally requires tearing out everything, back to that wrong stitch.

Then it has to be pulled out and replaced with the correct one.

Only after all that can the project continue.


My life is a beautiful creation in progress to the Lord.

He is so patient with me and I can look at the many, many times He’s had to unravel a mess of knots I’ve made.

Only to gently start again.

I truly want to work with the Lord, instead of making a mess of things.

Unraveling my knots is often time consuming and uncomfortable.

Yet, the Lord is so patient.

His hands are steadily teaching my heart.

As a new day unfolds, I’m praying for His perspective and to be busy tying knots through His direction and guidance.

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank You for another day. Thank You for watching over us last night and for walking with us in today. Lord, we have no way of knowing how today will unfold, but we do know You will be in it. Lord Jesus, please help us to rest in Your love and to completely trust You in all things. Lord, please keep our hearts free from fear and our minds purged from worry. Please build a hedge of protection around us, that we might quickly recognize the enemy’s lies and deal with them through Your Word. Lord, fill our hearts and minds with You. Thank You, Jesus for another day. Amen.

The red sweater

Because I’m still learning how to listen to the Lord.

Because I’m still learning how to obey.

This red sweater has been in progress for over a month.

I started it right after I finished Anne’s sweater.

It gave me all kinds of trouble.

I was learning everything.

It was a new stitch, a new style, a new way to make a sweater.

Mistakes, tearing out, and trying again were common.

Just when I was feeling like it was coming together, I ran out of yarn.

Yes, I could have ordered it on Amazon, but I hadn’t kept the label.

The yarn was a Christmas gift.

So, I knew I’d have wait till my energy and schedule provided an opportunity to go shopping.

It was over two weeks before I was able to go shopping and God blessed me with the exact yarn.

It was even on sale!

The Lord reminded me I needed buttons as well.

I was so excited! Of course I was too tired to work on it that day, but it was a step in the right direction.

Then life happened.

Although I had the needed materials, other priorities pushed it aside.

So, I was surprised when the Lord brought it to mind this week.

“I’ve not finished the baby shower gift. I haven’t even started Ethan’s birthday gift.”

Trust Me.

Why do I question God? Like He didn’t know all the details already, I thought I had to remind Him?


I truly apologized for my poor behavior and grabbed out the project.

It’s been a process.

Frankly, I’m not sure I like the end result.

However, both Anne and Sis said I’m being too critical.

They are probably right.

Whether this sweater is exactly what I was thinking it would be or not, it’s just another opportunity to learn.

A reminder that every detail is in God’s hands.

It’s a reminder I’ve needed daily this week.

I’m so thankful for the Lord’s patience with me.

I’m so thankful for His perfect plans.

I’m so thankful for His promises.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord , thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.
Jeremiah 29:11 NKJV

A lesson in perspective

Saturday, I had been putting something in my calendar and had a bit of a shock.

My sister-in-law’s shower is coming up.

“Oh no! Lord, I don’t have anything made for her. What am I going to make in the amount of time I have with my other projects unfinished?”

It’s incredible the gentle way He handles my heart.

Make a sweater,hat, and bag. And don’t worry, you have lots of time.

Because my brain spouts questions and doubting without the slightest hindrance, I responded:

“But Lord, I can’t possibly get all that done. I have these other things I have to do first. To do all that I’d need to stop my other projects.”

It’s alright. I will lead you.

All my concern melted.

“Yes, Lord. I’m sorry for being afraid.”

Later in the day I was busy working on a surprise for our granddaughter, my son-in-law walked in followed by the rest of the family.

Anne quietly removed the gift in progress.

Because I’m always crocheting when not doing anything else, I grabbed out some soft yarn and began working on the sweater.

It’s nearly finished.

It would have been done yesterday, but one piece has been super difficult.

I had to rip it out and restart three times.

The last time was this morning before church.

I couldn’t understand why it was giving me so much trouble.

My prayers turned to inquiry.

“God, why isn’t this working? You told me to make this. What am I doing wrong?”

Little one, you are trying to tackle this like an enemy to be overcome. I gave this to you to enjoy. It’s about the process and the finished result being a blessing. It’s not a challenge to conquer.

I had to apologise.

He’s taught me this lesson before.

There is fun in the doing.

He doesn’t want me to create just as a duty, but as a joy.

If it were only about getting a gift, I could buy something.

It’s so much more.

It’s about praying for the baby who will wear it.

It’s about loving the Creator who created both this baby and me.

It’s about learning more about Jesus as I create.

After all, the care and effort and joy I have in making something pales compared to His in making each of us.

And it’s an opportunity.

Creating something with the abilities God has taught me is a way to praise Him.

And I never want to miss that.

I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to finish it today.

But even if I don’t, I’m going to enjoy the process, not just the finished result.

Because life is so much deeper than the doing, the accomplished.

Life is truly about relationship.

I’m so thankful for my relationship with my Lord Jesus.

How amazing He is!

A new blanket

I was so blessed to receive this beautiful yarn for Christmas!

Originally, I wanted to make a sweater from one of these skeins.

However, I try to always pray about what God wants me to make and the answer was a baby blanket.

At first I couldn’t picture it.

Which pattern should I use?

How would these two ombre colors work together?

So this project sat, waiting for me to hear from the Lord.

It was perfect.

When I’d finished my previous projects (a hat for Mom and overalls for our granddaughter) the answer came.

Honestly, I still couldn’t see it.

Normally I have a mental picture of the finished product.

The finished product comes out a little different, but starting without any mental picture seemed a bit of a stretch.

Yet, stretching is something I’m learning to do more and more.

With a day of rest I was able to get a lot of the blanket finished yesterday.

It was such a pleasure to hear my sweet husband say:

“That’s a really pretty blanket,” with a smile of appreciation.

I had to praise the Lord.

It was all His idea.

With these days of learning, stretching, and surrender I’ve been finding more and more that when I take life before the Lord in prayer first, beautiful things happen.

On my own, in my own desires or opinions things rarely turn out at all.

Too many times I’ve tried to force circumstances or work something out, and if anything actually came of it all, I found my stress and striving had robbed me of any possible joy.

I don’t want to go back to that.

Although it’s not always comfortable, and I rarely feel any sense of control, there’s a beautiful freedom in allowing everything to be God’s.

God’s plans, His timing, His outcome.

It works so much better.

Stress and striving can’t rob God, He doesn’t do either of those things.

So, I don’t have to either.

I can pray before starting any project or task and pray while I work.

And I can leave the results up to God.

If something goes wrong, I’m going to look for an opportunity to learn from the mistake, and I’m going to praise Him for He never leaves me or forsakes me.

It’s incredible the lessons He has taught me from one small baby blanket.

The psalmist said it best.

Psalm 37:4 KJV — Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.