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Whose voice are you listening to?

Your testimonies also are my delight And my counselors.
Psalms 119:24 NKJV

It’s everywhere.

The social media is full to overflowing with the words of others.

All giving their personal perspective.

How often has this phrase been heard?

“What this country needs…”

All around us, continually are the voices of others.

Giving advice.

Sharing their opinions.

Speaking about what needs to change.

Yet it is scripture which holds the key to understanding and knowledge.

The voice of God has been recorded for any who wish to find the real answers.

Jesus, Himself, has been quoted and His answers to the questions of His day are applicable to ours.

There is profound wisdom held within Scripture.

The psalmist is our example and our response to the voices all around us.

Your testimoies…my delight And my counselors.
Psalms 119:24 NKJV

Through the Holy Word of God,

the Bible,

we are given words,

the counsel of the Almighty God.

What other voice can compare?