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It seems too easy,


Something bigger than talking,
as intimate as conversation between two individuals in love.

The Bible makes it clear, God loves us and wants us to spend time in prayer.

The disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, understanding it was an important part of their lives.

As our pastor recently pointed out,
prayer is more than supplication.

Never feel foolish when taking needs to God, He wants to discuss these with us.

However there is more.

Praying on behalf of another,  like Jesus prayed for Peter, is vital.

Intercession builds love in the heart of the person praying and it works.

Many stories of people being saved from destruction or harm have been linked to prayers of others on their behalf.

God wants us to cover each other in prayer.

To bless those dear to us without forgetting to ask on behalf of the people over us: pastors, community leaders, judges, bosses, president…

Prayer is even more than these two things.

Talking with God means communication is running both ways.

Thanks and praise for all God has done,  given,  provided.

Heartfelt joy at building a relationship with the Creator of the universe, not unlike too people who are in love.

And yet prayer is deeper still.

Let nothing hinder your prayers.

Whether it be schedules or sin or bitterness, choose to make a change.

Because prayer is important, powerful,


It can be like a door.


When it’s open new experiences and understanding can be obtained.

Especially when communication is happening between a husband and wife.

Inside every marriage there are walls that separate.

Some were constructed long before the marriage was built.

Others were put in place during times of stress or struggle.

Communication is the door to allow the other member of the house behind the wall.

“What if I am the one locked out? What if I’ve tried to communicate that I would like to be closer but my spouse won’t give me a chance?”

As the spouse who had locked a door I can say a few things.

First a wall is normally built because of hurt.

(There are walls built to conceal sin. But dealing with a hidden sin is different. Sin should never be enabled to reside in a marriage or a heart.)

After the hurt, the person builds to keep future hurt at bay. They mistakenly feel the wall will protect them and hide them from the shame.

Understanding the reason for the wall can help with unlocking the door.

Love, continually applied will grease the bolt, helping the key to turn.

Patience, will build trust and it takes trust in another to be vulnerable.

Prayer, for it is the Lord who can truly help one person open to another.

To those, like myself who have a locked door,
don’t believe the lie.

Locking your spouse out of part of your heart or life is destruction not protection.

Keeping hidden from the past doesn’t bring healing but fosters bitterness.

Refusing to trust your spouse is refusing to trust God. Do you have enough faith that God can speak to your spouse? Do you have enough faith to see God minister healing through your spouse?

I am not in your shoes nor do I know your circumstances but I have learned to open my locked doors to my husband.

After all I don’t want him to shut me out, how can I expect him to trust me with his heart if I refuse to trust him with mine?