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Close behind

It’s here!

The last of my furniture and my husband’s tools.

Unpacking and putting away is the next hurdle.

We wanted to be sure the UHAUL was returned on time.

Despite our daughter and granddaughter being here.

Despite the fact that I should be cooking supper.

We dropped everything and I followed the truck.

It hadn’t occurred to me to ask.

So as we drove I realized,

I had no idea where we were going.

Following behind a large truck

Dodging the numerous vehicles all trying to get home from work.

I had to follow close behind.

Because I had no idea of our destination.

At one intersection,

as the large frame of the truck rolled through the lines and turned to the right

I drove forward.

As I looked up I was startled.

The light was yellow!

Would I make it through?

Was it safe to proceed?

I had no way of knowing how long the light had been yellow.

I only knew I had to follow.

I was in a town I’m totally unfamiliar with.

I can’t even say I’ve been there more than driving through to a sporting event.

So I followed.

And it was fine.

My husband apologized when we reached the business.

He knows how I feel about yellow lights.

He knew it would be frightening for me if I’d gotten separated.

I just smiled.

Was glad I’d followed.

Upon reflection,

it occurred to me,

it’s the same with Jesus.

He’s asked me to follow Him.

He hasn’t told me where we are going exactly.

Other than salvation, a life of surrender, leads to heaven.

But how my daily, weekly, yearly life will reflect that, I’m completely ignorant of.

And each day

I have a choice.

Will I follow?

At what distance to Jesus will I choose today?

Shall I be close behind?

Even if I can’t see where He’s leading?

What about the times when the world’s knowledge would say,

“Wow, that could be dangerous. That could cost me! I’m not sure I should follow.”

Am I willing to choose to trust God?

What if this following close behind does cost me?

What if it costs more than I think I can give up?

That’s when the surrender becomes real.

Jesus died.

Am I willing to follow?

For me the answer is


I will follow.

I will go forward,

even when it feels scary.

I’m willing to risk

whatever it takes to follow

close behind my Savior.