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Praising the Lord for chickens

This is the back of our chicken coop.

I started painting the back first, so my husband could work on the run and not be waiting on me to paint it first.

I was blessed to have a beautiful day and the energy to do it all at once last weekend.

My husband had finished the inside where the chicks will be and we moved them.

(They don’t care if I’ve not finished painting the rest of the coop!)

I knew they had out grown the place we had them, but I had not anticipated how much they were going to like their new home.

They pecked and chirped and scratched and chirped and jumped on the feeder and back down and tried to fly and ran in circles and chirped some more.

They were very happy chicks.

The funny thing was, getting them into their new home.

I tried tilting the tote I’d carried them in so they could just jump out, but they wouldn’t.

Instead of jumping into the “unknown”, which it was a tiny distance, they crowded in on top of one another to the extent I was afraid they were going to be harmed.

So, I moved the tote and began picking them up one by one and placing them on the floor.

Their shock at the change was evident by their bewildered wandering about at first.

By the time I got the last chick out of the tote the first ones were busy exploring and chirping their satisfaction.

We all just stood around watching them and their antics.

We laughed when one little chick decided to try flying, but obviously doesn’t know how to steer and nearly flew directly into our son’s lap, for he was sitting on the floor.

The little bird nearly fell over itself trying to get away from him.

These little feathered bits of fluff are a blessing to our family.

Not just the future of having our own eggs, but because we are enjoying God’s creation.

Watching the unique ways God has made other creatures is an opportunity to praise Him.

While my heart is very thankful for both of these things, I’m especially grateful for the provision of God.

I remember telling our son-in-law, before we started the process to move here: “Well, pray, because it would take a miracle for us to be able to do that.”

Not only did He provide the miracle for us to move, He supplied all our needs to make renovations for my health, and now He’s given us opportunities to raise our own food.

Truly, God is incredible and His ways are not our ways.

As I daily enjoy the task of caring for our chicks, I’m reminded of my Lord and Savior who so graciously looks after me.

1 Peter 5:7 NKJV — casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your provision. Thank You for supplying all our needs and looking after us so we’ll. Lord, thank You for even those times I can’t understand how Your working through a circumstance. I know I can always trust that You are. Lord, please help me to remember that there’s an enemy out there, trying to steal, kill, and destroy and that I need to remain inside Your protection so I’m not allowing a place for the enemy anywhere in my life. For Lord, the enemy doesn’t want to just harm me, he’s after the innocent, the helpless, the young, and I don’t want to be the reason he is able to reach others. Lord, please teach me how to pray, that I might stand in the gap for those who cannot. Please teach me how to walk in righteousness, so I’m not soiling myself or others through sin. Lord, please help me to recognize evil and stay away from it, that I might not be used by the enemy. Thank You for Your truth. Thank You for Your love. Thank You for all Your wonderous works! I love You, Jesus. Amen.