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It’s part of the process.

And the process is an important part of becoming more like Jesus.

I was reminded of that yesterday.

There was a lot on our schedule.

A few extra things got thrown in.

While at the doctor’s office I was writing about how God uses trials even though I rarely see that side of it.

I had only seen the discomfort of so much new.

My view had been focused on the long lists of “to do”.

I’d been looking at the new places, where everything is unfamiliar or yet to be learned.

It was God showing me how His circumstances of change have been a blessing to our family.

Not an hour later I was driving to pick Anne up when Jase and I were protected from an automobile accident.

My mug, full of hot freshly brewed tea, went all over the passenger seat.

At first I wanted to be upset.

But that gentle voice reminded me of the truth.

We didn’t get hit!

Instead of speaking the words, which lept to my tongue, I was able to change.

“Well, praise the Lord! I’m so glad God kept us safe from that wreck!”

Jase from the backseat asked me what happened.

I explained.

Then I was able to praise God even more.

“Buddy, I’m so glad you sat in the back seat like I asked. I know you didn’t want to, but because you were willing to trade your seat to your sister you didn’t get burned by my tea!”

His reply was a happy one.

I’m not sure if that moment meant as much to him as it does to me, but I’m trusting God to use it.

This year has taught me that God can and will use life to hone us, even the kids.

I know He has a perfect plan for each of them.

He has a unique calling on each of their lives.

When He created them, He placed exactly what would be best inside each.

He guides and directs their lives and circumstances to hone them as children and young adults to prepare them for that calling.

And all these things are part of His wonderful plan.

It’s a blessing to experience areas that stretch and challenge us.

Lately, life has been so full of change I’ve been blind to the blessings in each one.

Until an appointment at the doctor’s office caused me to pause and reflect.

What an incredible blessing to see God work through another change.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for all the opportunities to stretch us. Please continue to help us look at challenges, changes, and trials as opportunities. Thank You for loving us so much that You give us what is best, even if we don’t first recognize it as such. May our lives bring glory and honor to Your name.


I didn’t know when I left this room I’d not be coming back.

When I return, it will be completely changed.

At least that’s the plan for now.

We’ve endured so many changes I’m learning to say, “That’s the current plan, if nothing changes.”

With the snow and power outages we’ve been running our propane heater, propane stove, and woodstove.

Wednesday morning our roof had so much snow my husband called in to say he would be late so he could sweep off the snow.

When he was on the roof he said he kept trying to figure out what he was smelling.

Then he realized it was the propane from our bedroom heater.

I was laying in bed because my chest had been acting up.

By the time he came down to turn off the heater I was having an attack.

I had tried moving rooms, I’d taken my inhaler more than once, I was thinking about staying calm and getting control of my breathing.

Yet I wasn’t.

My husband did everything possible to change the environment so I could breathe.

Minutes pass.

We reached the 15 minute mark and no improvement.

He loaded me and the kids in the truck and we headed for town.

The E.R. was loaded with people.

I tried to help my husband answer the medical questions, but if you can’t breathe you can’t talk.

(So I’m going to have my medical history in writing in my purse for the future.)

Upon reaching a room things happened quickly.

Before I knew it I had been changed, hooked up to monitors, given an IV, questioned, x-rayed, and then being treated with a breathing mask.

And my first full breath in over an hour was so refreshing!

I was so thankful for each person who was working so hard to help me.

I had seen all the people in the waiting room and then more in the back.

I knew they were working nonstop to help those like myself.

After a while the doctor explained now that my breathing was normal I was able to be released.

My husband explained his plans for me.

“Honey, you’re not going back home. I’ve gotten a hold of Tim and Sis. You’re going to stay with them till the power comes back on. After that you’re going to move in with John and Jan. They live close enough to the school and our house you can see the kids everyday. They don’t have pets or anything else which should cause you any more asthma attacks. I’m going to start working on getting our house gutted and redone so you won’t keep having all these health issues. ”

And by dinner time I was sitting down at my daughter’s table and thanking God for His blessings.

It’s been a whirl of change.

Yet I’ve been able to smile throughout.

Praising God for all His provisions.

How awesome He truly is!



Moving requires work.

In this case we were moving dirt.

In our daughter and son-in-law’s case they will be moving everything.

I’m working on parts of our yard and much of it requires moving.

Whether it’s brush or weeds, rock or branches it’s work.

I have also been going through a different type of moving lately.

Moving from one set of normal to a new set.

For the next 7 weeks I will be Mom to only 2 kids at home.

I can say it’s taking some real moving on the Lord’s part to prepare my heart.

No, I’m not worried about their safety.

No, this really is a good thing.

Yes, I am having some struggles letting go.

There are so many things I could say about this.

Yet, I have found silence sometimes is more.

I’ve taken my feelings and struggles to the Lord and He has answered.

Trust Me, for I am doing this.

Look to Me, for I am the One Who goes with them.

These belong to Me, and I will hold them in My hands.

Which has required me to face a truth I’ve not long understood.

God loves my children more than I do and He’s always working in each circumstance for their good.

So when the enemy is allowed to steal, kill, or destroy I can trust that God is using it to teach our children about Himself or to reveal themselves or both.

Fear wants to whisper incredible nonsense which always makes sense at the time.

Yet the Lord is teaching me discernment, so I can capture each lie and dispose of it quickly.

(I might add this is easier said than done!)

Within this moving of children and changing of household I have been revealed.

I never realized how deeply I was afraid of the loss of my little ones, now grown large.

The Lord is so gracious and has been walking me slowly forward with more compassion, encouragement, and love than I can express.

He has wonderfully blessed me daily by the presence of each child.

Now is the time for them to be allowed to bless others, anyone He has placed in their lives.

What more can a mother want, than for her children to be adults who shine the love of Jesus Christ?

So as we all move, I’m praying.

“Dear Papa,

Thank You for the gift of each person in our home. I’m struggling with sadness on letting go. I trust You to hold them and to walk daily with them. I trust that any circumstances which You walk them through are simply a tool to further their hearts in love with Yours. Please use them, touch others, spread Your Gospel, and continue to hone their character daily. I have made so many mistakes with them. Please help them to forgive when they are wronged and to choose not to be offended. I know Your promises. I’m resting in the knowledge that they are each in Your hand. Thank You. I love You Jesus.”

The next chapter


This chapter in life has been full of the unexpected, both blessings and trials.

Above is an example of a blessing!

You can see Jase hanging with Spud.

When our daughter married she got a hubby and his dog.

Jase and Spud get along well.


Of course he’s a character!

I can’t say I thought he was a blessing the day before the wedding when he lifted a leg on a decoration.

Thankfully we had a replacement!

But Jase has really enjoyed Spud.

It’s another layer in this new chapter.

All of us are working to figure out how to walk as life continues to change.

This thing called growing up isn’t easy.

I thought it was tough doing it, but I’m thinking it’s harder trying to train your children to do it.

There’s no formula or series of steps.

It’s a moment by moment path.

I’m glad of that, because I lean on Jesus more.

Especially when facing a trial.

My poor hubby had to leave for a business trip fully knowing our water pump was having extreme issues.

God is still walking us through this one, but the blessings have come from our son-in-law and his dad.

Blessings at times look like trials.

Just yesterday we had a circumstance I wasn’t sure how to handle.

I took a few moments to pray and asked God for insight.

I needed to see the real issue, not just the emotion.

Thankfully I felt led to change my tone of voice and to stop what I was doing and focus on the person.

I’m still praying, because it seemed resolved but only time will tell.

It’s a blessing to be reminded to seek the Lord.

I’ve been trying harder to seek the Lord for my own emotions as well.

I want to be facing each chapter in life with Jesus’s perspective, not my own.

He recently showed me an area of pride which I had been completely blind to.

It’s embarrassing to look at your sin and realize it’s been there a long while, yet how good and freeing it is to repent!

How many other blessings and trials we will have in this chapter only the Lord knows.

Yet, I’m certain He’s our security no matter what this chapter holds.

Every season


These beauties were a blessed surprise.

I  planted four bleeding hearts last spring but only this one survived.

Yet their gentle unique flowers gave a thrill when I discovered them.

Like all seasons there are surprises both good and less desirable.

As these flowers sprang forth I could have been distracted from the joy by wondering what became of the other three.

However, the older I get the more often I’m spotting the tiny things which knaw at joy.

Our two oldest girls are making big changes this month.

One is graduating to high school while the other is graduating to college.

It is a blessing.

Yet I’m trying to stay on my guard against the stress, self-pity, and fear which continues to try to knaw a hole in my joy.

Yes, there are many tasks which need to be seen to, but none of them are important enough to cause my attitude to degrade.

Yes, I will miss the times of little girls all playing together in the backyard or dress up tea parties, but I can enjoy a cup of tea and a heart to heart with either of the girls.

Yes, it makes me feel old and less important than when they were toddlers in need of my everything, but it is so rewarding to watch the women they are becoming.

God understood all of these things when He made children and I want to see this entire process from His point of view.

His word shows us that if we are aware, if we are paying attention, we can see His hand in every occasion.

“Lord, let me find joy even among the strange new place I’m walking in.”

I hope you are able to find the same joy in whatever occasion you’re walking in.♡

The things which happened to me…


Change is like a gateway.

It opens into new and different and often unexpected ways.

Yet it isn’t always welcome,

There’s a hint of fear in change.

A sprinkling of the unknown leading to the undesirable.

At times change is rejected simply to avoid the unpleasant.

Other times change steps in and forces new ways of thinking, new ways of doing,  a new normal.

” But I want you to know,  brethren, that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel, ” Philippians 1:12

Paul had been imprisoned and dragged out of his country as a prisoner (and he hadn’t even committed any crime whatsoever Acts 21:26-28)

His change had been brutal and uncomfortable and at times painful, however his attitude is focused on what God was doing through it all.

It is easy to want to stay in comfort and security.

It is normal to want to hold to the lifestyle which brings what we think we want out of life.

Paul gives us a different example.

He knew his life was not given for his sheer enjoyment, but to live for Christ, to preach to anyone who would listen, to train up others younger in the knowledge of Jesus,  and to be willing to give up anything, including life itself.

And in this knowledge he lived a life which still is used by God.

So the question comes:

What kind of life am I choosing?

What kind of changes am I willing to walk through?

What will God do through someone like me?

What will God do with someone like you?



No matter what,
there is always something

Children grow into adults.

Young adults get married and begin a new family.

The grey hair begins to shine amongst it’s darker fellows.

Sprouts grow into tall weathered trees.

Roads are built.

Houses are torn down.

Even the seasons are continually changing.

Yet a mid this systematic turnover one thing is never changed.

God’s love for His creation.

Since the beginning till now we can see God working. Gen.1:1-2

The wisest man who ever lived (except for Jesus) commented on the changes of life in the book Ecclesiastes.

Solomon seems almost depressed as he penned the first few chapters.

“I said of laughter–‘Madness!’and of mirth, ‘What does it accomplish?’ ” Ecc. 2:2

“So I said in my heart,  ‘As it happens to the fool, It also happens to me, And why was I then more wise?’ Then I said in my heart,  ‘This also is vanity.’ ” Ecc. 2:15

However he doesn’t stay in this frame of mind.

“I know that whatever God does,  it shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it, and nothing taken from it. God does it,  that men should fear before Him.” Ecc. 3:14

And Solomon is right. God is always working and what He does no one can take away.
John 10:28-29

As the leaves fall and preparations are made for the next “change” whether it be in the seasons or in life remember–

God loves you.
John 3:16

And He wants to walk with you no matter what else changes.