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It’s part of the process.

And the process is an important part of becoming more like Jesus.

I was reminded of that yesterday.

There was a lot on our schedule.

A few extra things got thrown in.

While at the doctor’s office I was writing about how God uses trials even though I rarely see that side of it.

I had only seen the discomfort of so much new.

My view had been focused on the long lists of “to do”.

I’d been looking at the new places, where everything is unfamiliar or yet to be learned.

It was God showing me how His circumstances of change have been a blessing to our family.

Not an hour later I was driving to pick Anne up when Jase and I were protected from an automobile accident.

My mug, full of hot freshly brewed tea, went all over the passenger seat.

At first I wanted to be upset.

But that gentle voice reminded me of the truth.

We didn’t get hit!

Instead of speaking the words, which lept to my tongue, I was able to change.

“Well, praise the Lord! I’m so glad God kept us safe from that wreck!”

Jase from the backseat asked me what happened.

I explained.

Then I was able to praise God even more.

“Buddy, I’m so glad you sat in the back seat like I asked. I know you didn’t want to, but because you were willing to trade your seat to your sister you didn’t get burned by my tea!”

His reply was a happy one.

I’m not sure if that moment meant as much to him as it does to me, but I’m trusting God to use it.

This year has taught me that God can and will use life to hone us, even the kids.

I know He has a perfect plan for each of them.

He has a unique calling on each of their lives.

When He created them, He placed exactly what would be best inside each.

He guides and directs their lives and circumstances to hone them as children and young adults to prepare them for that calling.

And all these things are part of His wonderful plan.

It’s a blessing to experience areas that stretch and challenge us.

Lately, life has been so full of change I’ve been blind to the blessings in each one.

Until an appointment at the doctor’s office caused me to pause and reflect.

What an incredible blessing to see God work through another change.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for all the opportunities to stretch us. Please continue to help us look at challenges, changes, and trials as opportunities. Thank You for loving us so much that You give us what is best, even if we don’t first recognize it as such. May our lives bring glory and honor to Your name.