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God provides

When Jase and I had been down for his doctor appointment, I’d briefly visited the church Bell’s shower was to be in.

Pictures are a part of any event in this age.

I’ve learned it’s important to think about the background.

A really cute moment on digital memory can be married by the weird lighting or some strange looking overhang.

Which is why I began talking and praying about a backdrop for her bridal shower.

It was needed.

I mentioned it to my husband and we discussed what we could build.

Our son-in-law was also part of the conversation as he would be setting it up for me.

I began looking on the internet for the required items to build what we discussed.

Yet, I felt this nagging inside me.

Like my plans were off.

So, I went back to prayer.

I kept getting a mental image, but it didn’t line up with our plans.

Infact it was far to much work for the time frame.

I couldn’t understand what the Lord was trying to tell me.

But I have learned not to rush forward in these things.

If I can’t get peace or clear direction, I wait and pray.

Days went by and I still had this mental picture, but no ability to create it.

One Sunday afternoon, while we were all sitting around the house I felt led to get on Craigslist.

Which is odd, because I try to avoid Craigslist.

So, I prayed again, before typing into the search engine.

“What should I search for, Lord?”


I did and up pops a picture.

I could hardly believe it.

Besides being a different color, it was exactly the same screens I had in my mind.

I quickly showed the picture to both my husband and our son-in-law.

What surprised me the most was the price.

Free. You haul.

Our son-in-law picked them up the next day.

The weather and the Lord gave me several good days and I painted them.

They were perfect for the backdrop at the shower.

We plan on using them for the wedding as well.

All this came together with perfect order and God’s timing.

In the big picture of life it’s a tiny insignificant thread.

But in my heart it’s a beautiful reminder of what happens when I trust God instead of trying to make it on my own.

I could never have built anything this nice.

But I didn’t need to.

God knew exactly what He was doing.

All I needed to do was trust Him.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for another moment in my life where I can remember how You care even about the tiny details. Lord, I know there is so much happening all around us, daily, and I am humbled by Your care for me. Your love is unfathomable and I thank You for it. Please, help others realize how much You love them. Help others to stop trying on their own and instead wait upon You. I know it’s not easy, but it’s definitely best. Lord Jesus, thank You for teaching me every day. Thank You for salvation. I love You. Amen.

Holding my hand

For some time now, I’ve been praying for this.

I’ve learned from the past.

My heart knows that the best way is to ask God and then act upon what He directs.

Of course, I also spoke with Bell.

I wanted to give her a shower which would bless her.

We agreed that it would be a pleasure to work along side her fiance’s mother and sisters, her best friend, Anne and Sis, as well as my sister and mother.

Bell blessed me by requesting that I handle the decor.

So, after getting the things which were important to her, I began to prayerfully prepare.

It has been a truly wonderful walk with the Lord.

From small details to making things, God has guided my every step.

As the date approached I found myself worrying.

“Lord, I have to drive down, meet up with…”

Trust Me.

“Father, my asthma is struggling today, what about…”

Trust Me.

“Lord, I love this outfit, but shouldn’t I wear something else and change, or maybe…”

Trust Me.

The night before the shower I prayed.

My emotions were in control, but my thoughts continued to bring in worry.

Finally, I felt I had placed it all back in the Lord’s hands and fell asleep.

And I had a dream.

I was with the Lord.

He was simply listening to me.

Because I was telling Him everything I was concerned about.

He calmly reached out and took my right hand in His.

He squeezed it gently and said,

You don’t need to worry, I’m with you.

When I woke,

the memory of the dream was so fresh I could almost feel His hand holding mine.

The day was so full.

I didn’t have much opportunity to rest, but it didn’t matter.

Jesus was with me.

Details and the schedule changed, but it didn’t matter.

Jesus was with me.

As always, the unexpected happened, but it didn’t matter.

Jesus was with me.

Throughout the entire day, God’s peace just clung to me.

I walked through every moment with His abilities carrying me and found such joy in it all.

God brought many people alongside to give what I needed at the moment.

He brought people we love, to share our daughter’s celebration of her wedding.

When it was over, He brought many helping hands to clean it all up.

I wish I could have written each person’s name down, so I could thank God for each individual.

But even in that, God knows.

When my husband asked the next morning, “How did it go?” I knew exactly what to say.

“It was a miracle.”

What a joy it is to seek God, listen for His answers, and then walk in His ways.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You so much for all You did to bless our daughter and soon to be son. Please continue to pour into their lives that they might being this new family by seeking You, listening for Your answers, and walking in it with faith. Lord, You are incredible. I love You. Thank You for first loving me.