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Potato or egg?

I was pleasantly surprised by this potato plant.

I haven’t been in the garden for over a week, but my hubby and son have been faithful in watering.

So, when I went out this morning I was greeted by this plant.

Coupled with an amazing sermon yesterday, I’ve been thinking about something I heard years ago.

When our kids were all “littles” I listened to a lot of Christian radio.

It encouraged my heart while keeping me from being tied down to one area of the house.

Our house was small and I could hear the radio from most rooms.

I don’t know who said it and I can’t remember her exact words.

It was something like:

“Life is like a pot of boiling water. You have a choice, you can be an egg and let life harden you or you can be a potato and let it soften you.”

Yesterday’s sermon and today’s plant have reminded me it’s a choice.

No matter what life brings.

I can praise God through it, see His work in it, and be softened by it.


I can choose to blame God, focus on my disappointments, and feel cheated, rejected, bitter.

Because even when things are good and life’s blessings are overflowing around us, we can choose to be hardened, to view everything as a disappointment or failure.

When life is good or difficult, one can choose to focus on the bad.

With these truths, I’m thankful God spoke to me so many years ago.

Through another’s word picture I took away a lesson which has been a reminder to choose wisely.

Today, I’m asking the Lord to help me be a potato.

Because someday, I’ll answer to God for how I chose to live.

2 Corinthians 5:10 KJV — For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your Word. Thank You for Your faithfulness. Lord, thank You for the potato plant and it’s reminder. Lord, please help me to allow all circumstances, good and difficult to help me soften towards You and Your Word. Lord, please continue to teach me how to be used by You in the every day, surrendering my desires and expectations before You. Great is Your faithfulness and greatly are You to be praised! For there never was, nor ever will be, anyone like You! Your love, Your faithfulness, Your mercy, Your grace, Your truth are beyond human understanding and our best efforts will never even reach You, but You reached out to us! Thank You! I love You, Jesus. Amen.

This morning’s teachable moment

Anne and I spent some time painting yesterday evening.

I hung this on the wall in our bathroom yesterday.

This morning as I was busy about the house I realized I hadn’t signed it.

So, I grabbed a pen I’d found in the bottom of my Bible bag and took down the painting.

The ink didn’t flow very well and I figured the pen was nearly out, but managed to get my initials on the corner.

As I replaced the picture I noticed a blob of black ink on the painting.

“Oh no!”

I got the painting back off the wall and saw black ink all over the back of the canvas and on the wall.

I grabbed a wash cloth and wiped up the mess.

Unfortunately some paint came off the painting as well as the ink, but I expected as much.

Once, I turned to the sink to wash the ink off my hands I saw my dress.

Black ink on the front.


I took off the dress and began trying to remove the stain.

Most of it came out.

I turned to head back into the closet and there was black ink on the tile!


Again I began cleaning as fast as possible.

Thankfully it all came up.

I got what I needed from the closet, took my dress to the laundry room and treated the ink.

Then I went to the kitchen.

I’d forgotten my pot of boiling potatoes due to the ink mess.

I quickly turned it off and removed the lid.

The topmost spud was so cooked it was beginning to fall apart which would greatly hinder me pouring the water off without sending potato down my drain.

I grabbed a utensil and tried to get the potato.

Of course it broke and splashed boiling water all over my right hand.

I dropped the potato which went to pieces.

More mess.

Eventually the potatoes were cooling in a bowl.

My hand felt better after running cool water over it and I decided to take a break.

Not long after this I received a text:

“I pray your day is well.”


“Thank You, Jesus.”

The Lord knew I was going to have all this occurring and He had put me on someone’s heart.

As I related the story to our daughter she commented.

“I’m so glad all that ink didn’t happen to the carpet.”


I hadn’t even thought of that!

With this came several other things to be thankful for.

To name a few:

I’d almost worn my white linen top and cream colored skirt this morning, but felt I should go with the grey dress instead.

The boiling pot of potatoes could have burned me much more if potato had plastered my hand instead of water.

My attitude could have degenerated into frustration and anger, but throughout I felt comfort, that everything really would be fine.

And there is the lesson I learned in my teachable moment.

Jesus doesn’t act as a safety bubble, cushioning me from every discomfort.

Instead, Jesus walks with me, guiding and speaking with me, training through the circumstances.

Because pain can be an incredible teacher.

Thankfulness can bloom into praise.

Life is a wonderful gift, given by God.

And He’s using every part to teach my heart.

Psalm 86:11 KJV — Teach me thy way, O LORD; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You so much for walking with me this morning. Thank You for keeping me in all these things. Lord, please continue to help me walk with you through each circumstance. Please shine Your truth into my life daily. Lord, thank You so much for teachable moments. May Your name be glorified throughout the whole Earth. Amen.