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Reading to enrich

It was given to me by a friend.

I’m also positive it was a gift from the Lord.

I have every intention of reading it again.

Possibly, many times.

The depth with which the Lord spoke through the pages are still without my ability to articulate.

To be honest,

I don’t even want to try.

I don’t want to rush through what the Lord has for me.

Some books are like that.

Nothing compares to scripture nor the vibrance of God’s Word.

Yet, He can speak clearly through the lives of others and that is what He has done with this book.

Reading it has brought back a feeling I had with a little book titled “If” by Amy Carmichael.

I don’t currently have a copy, as I’ve given every one I’ve owned away.

But the balm to my soul,

the mirror into my heart,

and the call to step closer,

were held within it’s slim paperback.

This book too, has all those qualities.

These women of faith bring me such inspiration.

Elizabeth Elliot

Amy Carmichael

Corrie Ten Boom

God has used these ladies and has spoken so clearly through their lives into mine.

And what speaks most?

Their love and devotion to Jesus while experiencing suffering.

Yes, their lives are full to over-flowing with stories of blessings.

But my heart has resonated with their lives during the dark and difficult days I’ve read or listened to.

Those when they clung to Jesus with all they had, because He was all they had.

The epilogue ended with truth.

“Through the hard circumstances of the last years of her life, the Lord had shown me a paradox: The deepest fellowship with Him lies in not resisting when suffering comes our way, but in going through it resolutely with Him.” Pamela Rosewell, The Five Silent Years of Corrie Ten Boom

It’s so true.

No matter the circumstances, God can and will use it in your life, if you choose to rest in Him rather than wrestle, resist, or run.