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Abraham Lincoln is someone I truly admire.

There are so many things about his life which cause others to reflect.

What would our nation look like if there had never been a Mr. Lincoln?

I’m at times a little intimidated by such a role model, yet which of us wouldn’t mind being used to change the world for the better?

I was reminded of another man who was as influential in his own time as Mr. Lincoln was during our Civil War.

Yet, this man is often overlooked.

As far as I’m aware there isn’t a single monument to him, or even a large group of people who realize just how important he was.

I’m certain he wouldn’t care in the least.


Because he never did the things which were so greatly used by God to improve his position, nor was he trying to make a name for himself, nor was he striving to improve his lively hood in anyway.

He was important, for two reasons : His devotion to God and his loyalty to his friend.

His name was Jonathan.

God used him throughout the time his father was king over Israel.

He was the oldest son of the king and held the integrity, honor, and character one would expect of an heir to the throne.

Yet, he understood God’s plans.

Because his father, Saul, was stubborn and disobedient, God spoke clearly that the kingdom would go into the hands of another.

How did Jonathan respond?

I would expect anger, disappointment, and frustration to be the natural response.

Not for Jonathan.

He knew God’s way is best and when his own father tried to kill the man God had chosen to replace him, Jonathan stood in the way.

He was an excellent example of a true friend.

Jonathan never gave into self-pity or pride, instead he was a champion in the league of loyalty.

At one point his father was searching daily to murder his friend, the anointed king of Israel, and Jonathan went out and encouraged his friend.

To the very end Jonathan was a man of integrity.

He never helped his father chase down and murder his friend, yet he never stopped loving and serving his father.

His life ends in battle, where he fought and died following the will of his father.

How I admire Jonathan.

He was willing to give up anything to follow God.

He was humble and loyal.

He was true till the very end.

If no one ever knew his name or built anything in his honor I’m certain he wouldn’t have cared.

He didn’t live to be applauded by men, he lived to be honorable before God.

That is something I can admire, as well as strive for.

(If you are unfamiliar with Jonathan ‘s story you can find it in 1 Samuel.)