“I wanted to share these with you…”

“Because we are a family and it’s how we get to know each other.”

With these words, his aged hands passed me a few black and white photos.

My mind jumped backwards to the photos (picture above) taken by my father many years ago.

As I looked at each one, he told me something.

“That one is of me and all my brothers and sisters, there were nine of us.”

I smiled with surprise at the many faces all lined up for the photo.

The next picture was of a beautiful lady.

“That one is a picture of my wife when she was a teenager!”

His pride and love were so evident.

“Well, she is beautiful!” I responded.

“That’s me.”

The older gentleman laughed, and said, “See! I had to prove I wasn’t always old!”

I laughed too.

“Yes, I recognized you right away,” I smiled warmly at him.

The next one was his wife, a bit fuzzy, because her arms were full of a baby who obviously wasn’t holding still for the picture.

I held it up and he began to tell me about when and where the picture was taken.

About this juncture another man came over, who always sits next to the gentleman I was talking to.

“And he was my neighbor, even then!” He added with enthusiasm.

They have each told me they are best of friends.

They don’t look alike, save for being elderly, as the gentleman with the photos is short and his friend and neighbor is a tall big boned man, even now.

The taller gentleman nodded and smiled as he settled himself.

I returned the pictures to the first gentleman and thanked him for sharing them with me.

I asked his friend if he’d gotten new hearing aids, as I noticed they looked different from the time I’d seen him last.

He said they were not new, but used.

“But I can hear! And that’s the point!”

I laughed and agreed.

As he turned to face forward, attention being drawn to the front, I thanked the Lord for healing him.

The last time I’d seen him, his ear still hadn’t completely healed from the fire.

He’d told me weeks ago, when I questioned him, “what happened?” that he’d been on his tractor, it had caught fire, and burned him pretty badly.

He’d mentioned the worst thing was in his efforts to put out the fire he’d lost both his hearing aids.

But he ended up with a positive note.

His good friend, he leaned forward, not to be overheard,”He’s a really good man,” he emphasized.

Then continued to relate how the shorter gentleman had given him one of his own hearing aids.

I’d looked over to see both older men had one hearing aide a piece.

I prayed for them both that Sunday.

Yesterday, I was blessed to see God had answered my prayers for his healing.

I will be praying for them, rejoicing that they both have two hearing aids and that God placed me in the same church, one row behind.

For they have been such a blessing to me and my family.

Through their simple gentle words, their kindness, and sharing their lives with us.

Both men are in their nineties, one fought in WWII and the other in Korea.

Both use canes and wear giant smiles.

Both are such a beautiful picture of the family of God.

When the service was over and they stood to leave I shook the shorter man’s hand and thanked him for sharing his pictures.

I shook the taller man’s hand and told him I prayed he’d have a blessed week.

They both responded with kind and encouraging words.

And as if this wasn’t blessing enough, as I looked after them, there was the shorter man, near the door, carefully showing the pictures to my husband who’d been busy previously, in the sound booth.

My heart is so thankful to God for His incredible blessings.

I doubt these elderly men know what a gift they have been, but I’m inspired again to reach out and share my life with others, praying God uses it for His glory.

Just as He is using two elderly gentleman in our lives.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your body and how we can be lifted up by others. Lord, I pray for these two men and their families. I humbly request that You bless them as they have been a blessing. Please continue to gift them with all that they need and help their legacy to continue far after they have gone home to Heaven. Lord Jesus, I know they must have daily pain and other troubles, please continue to sustain them daily. Lord, I want to learn how to be as encouraging, loving, and joyful as they. Please restore any area in their lives or families, that they might have no regrets. Thank You, Lord for all You have done and all You are doing. Lord, please continue to inspire us to learn from the aged, those who are living for You even in their elder years. Thank You, Jesus for Your blessings, especially the body of followers. I love You, Lord. Amen.


12 thoughts on ““I wanted to share these with you…”

    1. hope Post author

      Thank you for your time and encouragement. I’m very grateful to the Lord for you and your ministry.
      I think my father being nearly 50 at my birth helped me feel more honor for others who are older than I. My parents also always encouraged us to be respectful to our elders. I feel very thankful for the honorable people in my life. Blessings!

  1. Steve

    🙏 Amen! I love this post and enjoy the impact the two guys have on people without even realising, it’s such a blessing, thanks for sharing! 😀

    1. hope Post author

      So glad this was an encouragement to you! These gentleman certainly are an encouragement to me. I love hearing how God uses things to bless others. Thank you for your comment and time!

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