Happy Independence Day

I’m very thankful to be an American citizen.

Born from a long line of citizens, I was raised with a deep respect for the privilege of being an American.

My father and both my half brothers served in our military.

Our country’s freedoms were purchased at a very high price.

I hold my freedom as a prized possession.

As a Christian, I hold my salvation at an even higher price.

Because as much as I love and honor my country and it’s beautiful heritage of fighting for freedom, defending the oppressed from abuse, and providing the individual a long list of civil rights because “…that all Men are created equal…”, I understand that true freedom rests in Christ alone.

Through Jesus and God’s Word is how we learn that God is the Creator of all and He has given us standards.

His Word tells us how we are to respond to one another, that we are to love as He does, and our lives should be in service first to God and then to our fellow human.

It is through Christ we understand the value of sacrifice, as well as received freedom from sin and death.

As we celebrate this Independence Day, I pray we praise God for His gift of salvation.

While not forgetting the gift of freedom and the birth of our nation.

Happy Fourth of July!

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your gift of salvation. Lord, I can never fully comprehend Your sacrifice nor the extent of Your love and work upon our behalf. Lord, thank You for all You have done. Thank You for my country, the land of my birth. Lord, thank You for history, which I can clearly see You working in and through. Lord, thank You for this day, where we pause and celebrate the beginning of our nation. Lord, I lift up our nation and the people who are it’s citizens. Lord, our nation is in desperate need of You. Please help us to return to You. Lord, help us to live unto You in all things. Thank You for Your love, mercy, grace and forgiveness. Thank You for salvation. Amen.

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