June 8

Today’s prayer:

Isaiah 61:11 NKJV — For as the earth brings forth its bud, As the garden causes the things that are sown in it to spring forth, So the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for this incredible verse. Thank You that You cause the seed to bring forth a crop. Thank You that You cause righteousness and praise to spring forth! When I look at all You have done, the length at which You have gone to give us salvation, how can I do anything but praise You? When I realize that this earth is not my home and one day I shall stand alone before You, how can I want anything but righteousness? Please humble my heart before You. Lord, my flesh struggles with sin and I need You to daily grant me the ability to die to myself, to carry my cross another day, because there’s such joy in walking with You! There is such peace and goodness in surrender! Lord, nothing of this earth shall remain in heaven, but the souls of others who have accepted Your free gift. Please, help me to live daily unto You, shining brightly Your truth, Your light, and Your hope. Thank You. Amen.

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