May 23

Today’s prayer:

John 15:9 KJV — As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your Word. Lord, You alone are worthy of all honor, glory, and praise. Great is Your faithfulness and greatly are You to be worshipped! Please help us to worship You in spirit and in truth. Please shine Your truths into our hearts and minds. Lord Jesus, please open our understanding and heal those things which have warped and or twisted the truth or our understanding of Your truth. Lord help us to have a pure perspective one that is Holy and aligns with Your Word. If there is anything which has been marred by sin, our own or other’s, please bring it to our attention and give us discernment and truth. Lord, please help us to be humble. People who refuse pride and arrogance. People who cling to You and Your Word. Lord Jesus, please help us to lift up others, encourage and support those around us with Your truth and love. Lord, it’s not easy to be a servant. Our nature wants to be served. It’s even more difficult to look at life through other’s eyes. Please help me to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and abounding in Your love. Thank You. Amen.

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