A walk in the park

It was one of those blessings which God surprised us with.

Anne, now a graduate with her diploma, wanted to get her announcement pictures in a scenic area.

As we discussed this desire, we both felt a little concern.

“Mom, I don’t know any places around here.”

Of course I don’t either.

Anne loves flowers and we both thought a garden would be great, but we didn’t know if there were any in our area.

Our photographer has lived in the area for a while, so I texted her our concern.

She too was unsure where a garden could be found, but promised to look into it.

Anne’s internet search turned up an answer to the scenic views which was nearby.

I contacted our photographer and she knew the place, said it would fit the scenic part perfectly, but didn’t remember any flowers.

She encouraged us to go ahead of our scheduled shoot and explore.

Then it rained for two days.

Friday was a beautiful day, perfect for a walk in the park, but…I had a migraine.

It lasted until Monday.

With our lives focused on house guests, we forgot to go that evening.

The shoot was scheduled for Wednesday, so we had to go Tuesday.

Life got very full, and we left half an hour after we were supposed to, so lighting wasn’t the same.

Anne and I were a bit discouraged, but determined to look at the area.

We parked the truck and found there were several flowering trees.

There was even one which came down close to the ground and gave a lovely back drop.

I was snapping pictures on my phone to send to the photographer.

The road turned sharply to reveal a logged area, it held beautiful views.

The road rose dramatically and I found it difficult to make it up the hill.

However, time and persistence equalled success.

Upon reaching the top, we were delighted to find two trails gloriously decorated in trees and tall ferns.

The trail we choose had two natural arches and Anne loved it.

I began texting pictures to our photographer.

To my surprise, she asked me if I had seen the field with a barn in it.

After a little discussion with Anne and some texted questions to the photographer, we walked back to the truck.

There’s two places people park, so I figured we’d gone to the wrong one.

We drove just a bit down the road and started walking again.

Anne mentioned pictures of a bridge over water she’d seen on the internet.

“I’d love to take some pictures there, do you think we can find it?”

I told her I was hopeful.

This road was larger, there were more cars.

The hill wasn’t as steep as the last one, but I was wearing out quickly.

As we walked, still surrounded by trees and under growth, we kept looking for a break in the cover, expecting the barn and field.

Anne decided to jog farther down the winding road and look for the field.

She returned looking concerned, there was no signs of a break in the trees.

We were running out of time, the park would be closing soon.

We tried looking at the internet map again to discover where we were, but without success.

The location wasn’t working.

I texted our photographer, asking how far down the road we should go.

When she responded with driving to the extra parking lot, I knew something was wrong.

Where we were had a tiny space people used for parking, but there was certainly no other parking lot connected to this one.

We walked back to the entrance and I sent her a picture of the gate and bulletin board which held lots of instructions.

Her response was immediate.

We were not in the park we were supposed to be, we’d found an area of State lands.

“Well, no wonder we can’t find the barn!”

Anne and I packed up and drove home.

We knew our schedule for the next day wouldn’t allow time for us to explore.

“We will just have to trust the Lord.”

That evening we packed up into the car, had a bouquet of flowers, two pairs of shoes, a hat, and cardigan.

We drove farther down the road than the night before.

I got a little turned around at the entrance, I’d forgotten to read the directions first.

We met up with the photographer shortly afterwards.

Just around a softly sloping turn in the road we walked up to the field with a barn in it.

And there were wild daisies!

Anne got to take pictures surrounded by flowers.

As I stood out of the way, I praised God.

This was the perfect spot and exactly what Anne wanted.

After many pictures in the field we returned to the parking lot, and then decided to take a different path.

It led to the bridge and water.

My heart over flowed.

Anne had surrendered all her desires for this to the Lord and we were both blessed by how God arranged it all.

He gave us this moment and it will be a precious memory.

Because we both know pictures for a Graduation Announcement are not really important in the scheme of life.

But we can and are praising Him.

For He is amazing and worthy of all our praise, in the smallest and the largest of things.

Psalm 104:33 KJV — I will sing unto the LORD as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You so much for Your faithfulness. Lord, when we walk with You in all things, our lives are full. Lord, Your love, compassion, and patience are incredible. Your truth is life. You sustain us throughout. Thank You for all Your wonderous works. How great and awesome You are! Please, let our lives bring glory to Your name. Thank You! Amen.

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