Displacing gloom

It’s been a few weeks.

I’ve just been extra tired or had migraines or just simply didn’t feel well.

It’s difficult to be open about days like this, as I never want to complain, but instead rejoice in the daily blessings.

This morning I felt like Eeyore.

Just a tad on the gloomy side.

Mostly, due to today’s physical limitations.

But I know what is the priority when I’m in these difficulties.

It’s extra time with Jesus.

As I prayed this morning the Lord gave me this verse.

Psalm 31:3 NKJV — For You are my rock and my fortress; Therefore, for Your name’s sake, Lead me and guide me.

It immediately brought me through the gloom and set my heart upon trust.

God is my strength and nothing else.

If I’m limited, then He will handle it.

He guides and directs and will continue to.

All that is required of me is to trust and obey.

Praise the Lord!

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for lifting the gloom this morning. Thank You for Your faithfulness. Lord Jesus, You amaze me. Your truth, Your faithfulness, Your love, Your ways are incredible. You turn what seems to be a disaster into a blessing. You use heartache and grief to heal. You build and restore, You guide and direct. Your love is amazing! Thank You for Your wonderous works. May the whole Earth be filled with the knowledge of the glory of You. Amen.

5 thoughts on “Displacing gloom

  1. jarilissima

    God is good 🙂 I’m glad you feel better and I hope you have a good rest of your week. By the way, that photo of your journal is very nice, it looks very artsy. Take care!

    1. hope Post author

      Thank you! I really appreciate your comment. I’m sure my week will be good. The journal was a Christmas gift and I love it. 💗 Hugs!

  2. desirayl

    hope thanks for sharing this. I was feeling not like myself but God is good. When we have those days, our God knows just what we need and He takes such excellent care of us.

    Blessings to you!

  3. ynohtna

    Reblogged this on ynohta and commented:
    A great post from my best friend. How often I feel this way. Down and out feel completely beaten down. What a good reminder to trust and obey.


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