February was rather challenging for me, as my health wasn’t as good as in January.

Like always, the Lord provided for my every need and I’m so thankful.

He also encouraged me by comparison.

This February was much improved over last year’s.

Yet, I had a rough day Friday and had to apologize by the end of it.

As the day wore on my attitude went south, because I wasn’t communicating my struggles.

It’s difficult to describe the balance between expressing a physical need and complaining.

Many years ago, the Lord showed me a verse and I’ve tried to live by it ever since.

Philippians 2:14 NKJV — Do all things without complaining and disputing,

Often, I fail and find I’ve both complained as well as argued, but the Lord is faithful to show me my error and to forgive.

Yet, I don’t want to sin against Him, nor others, so I continue to try to follow this verse.

Thus, I had to apologize for my poor behavior on Friday night and to be honest about my struggles.

Part of my attitude problem was disappointment.

We had plans for Saturday and I knew my body needed me to spend the day in bed.

I wasn’t happy about it.

My family was also disappointed, but encouraging.

They support me so much and I am so thankful!

The day in bed was worth it.

By Sunday evening I was feeling better than I had in two weeks.

It was a good reminder that no matter what, I can trust the Lord.

And in that daily trust, there’s understanding.

Some days will be better than others.

It’s best to be honest with myself about my limitations as well as with my family.

Through it all, I can and will praise the Lord.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You so much for helping me. Lord, thank You for giving me the chance to rest and the strength I need for today. Lord, You alone hold all things in Your hands and I am sorry for allowing my own desires to be my focus, instead of being honest about my limitations. Thank You for teaching me so much. Please continue to help me learn not to complain or argue, but to pray and be grateful. Lord, thank You for Your patience. Thank You for Your love. I love You. Amen.

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