February 14

Today’s prayer:

Psalm 146:2 NKJV — While I live I will praise the LORD; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank You so much for being all we ever need. Lord Jesus, our lives often bring things we do not understand nor do we know how to respond. But You have ever answer. You know all that is and all that will be. Time does not hinder You. Please help each one of us to fully trust You in all we do and all we are. Lord, if there’s anything which is hindering our walk with You please show us. Please help us release all those things we cling to which are not You. Please help us walk with You in integrity and truth. Thank You for always guiding and providing. May Your name be glorified throughout the whole Earth. May our lives bring all honor, all glory, all adoration to You alone. Lord, we lift up the needy, the sick, the hurting, the innocent, the wayward and the lost. God have Your way in their lives. Thank You. Amen.

On a personal note: I pray you feel the love of Jesus Christ on this day set aside to remember those we love.❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day.

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