What honor…

“How long, O you sons of men, Will  you  turn my glory to shame? How  long will you love worthlessness And seek falsehood? Selah”
Psalms 4:2 NKJV

“What honors did the blinded people of Israel award their long-expected King. They gave Him a procession of honor, in which Roman legionnaires, Jewish priests, men and women, took part, and He carried His cross.” Charles Spurgeon from Morning by Morning

These lines of Spurgeon hit me.

With a mental image reflecting the numerous films depicting Christ carrying his cross my heart seemed to melt.

Truly the greatest moment in the history of mankind after Creation was the sacrifice Jesus gave upon the cross.

And what happened just before this momentous moment?

A parade.

But it was far to ugly to be thought of as entertainment.

It was too gruesome to be mistaken as a celebration.

(Although, some were probably glad to see this man suffer for what they thought was blasphemy.)

It was too full of anger, hatred, and fear to be joyful.

Actually the word parade doesn’t really fit.

But it was part of the humility of our Lord and Savior to walk it.

And how great a sacrifice He gave for us.

What a gift to give His spotless, sinless life for mankind, stained by our own choices to sin.

What an incredible opportunity looking at this moment in history.

First, to praise God for His Son, Jesus Christ, and for salvation.

Second, to surrender ourselves to His service.

Third, to see the example and follow.

Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.
Matthew 16:24 NKJV

Let’s not stand among those screaming for Jesus’death, let’s follow in His wake.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for all You suffered and sacrificed for me. Thank You that I can learn so much about perseverance just be looking at Scripture and Your example. Lord, please help me to speak Your Word, to know when to remain quiet, to follow You no matter the cost, and to bear in humility the trials and struggles of this life. For I know You are working through these things. You are working in these things. You are worthy of my complete trust. I love You, Jesus. Thank You for first loving me. Amen.

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