Because life isn’t easy

I need to cling to God’s Word every day.

Because life isn’t easy,

I must be careful what I allow myself to meditate on.

Because life isn’t easy,

I have to continually give up my own plans, desires, and agenda.

Because life isn’t easy,

I find opportunities to die to my selfishness continually.

Because life isn’t easy,

I have a choice: self-pity or Savior.

Because life isn’t easy,

I can expect opposition and see it as opportunities.

Because life isn’t easy,

I can feel for the broken, hurting, and lost.

Because life isn’t easy,

I can relate to pain and suffering, but I don’t have to be defined by it.

Because life isn’t easy,

I can walk in today, expecting God to use those things which were meant for harm to be turned into good.

Because life isn’t easy,

I can rest in knowing it wasn’t easy for my Lord when He walked this Earth and I know He understands suffering.

Because life isn’t easy,

I can praise God even more when things are good, joyful, and beautiful.

Because life isn’t easy,

I can yearn for Heaven with the sojourner, taking a long journey home.

Because life isn’t easy,

I can praise God for salvation.

Because life isn’t easy,

I value blessings all the more.

Life isn’t easy now.

It wasn’t easy before.

It won’t be easy while the battle between righteousness and sin continues.

But some day, Jesus will return.

And it’s easy to get excited about that.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for choosing to do what wasn’t comfortable or easy. Thank You for dieing on the cross. Thank You for living as the Father called You to live, although no one understood You. Thank You for walking daily with me, holding me, sustaining me, teaching me, although I don’t deserve it. Thank You for showing me that it is through the everyday things You are able. Thank You for Your faithfulness. Please help me to be faithful in all things, forgiving, loving, and resting in You in all things. Thank You. Amen.

22 thoughts on “Because life isn’t easy

  1. tastybiteweb

    I love this! It’s such a simple but obvious reminder. When I get overwhelmed I read the end of Revelation for perspective. He’s coming back. He wins. It’s about Him and nothing really matters in the end except who we are in Him and preparing our hearts… watching and waiting.

    He’s taking His bride to the marriage supper and I can’t wait to go!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. hope Post author

      Me too!!
      Thank you for your encouraging words. Definitely a wonderful way to keep perspective, because this life isn’t the end! Hugs!❤️ God bless you!

  2. desirayl

    Being careful what we allow in our thoughts is something I try to do much of these days. I use to watch the news for sports and weather, but every since the pandemic started I have stopped watching the news. It is just to much these days. I was making me feel overwhelmed and I did not see any point in having that junk bother my spirit.

    Have a bless day Hope.

    1. hope Post author

      I’m right there with you. I’ve never been a news person, but this year I’ve been extra careful as to what I view or even listen to.
      Thank you for your comment! I was praying for your mother-in-law this weekend. How is she?

      1. desirayl

        She is doing better; she had a fall two nights ago and so they took her to the ER. She did not break any bones at all, thank God. She is back at the Nursing Home now. We went Saturday, to visit with her she was so happy to see us One of her great grandchildren came with us.

        While there I read her some bible verses and you know what she said to me? She said honey thank you, but I am getting tired now. I thought that was so cute. She recognizes my face, but I do not think she remembers my name. And that is okay. I am thankful she knows my face; you know.

        My husband told dad that he should try reading the bible to her when he comes to visit. Thank you Hope for keeping her in your prayers.

      2. hope Post author

        I’m sorry to hear about her fall, but glad she was alright. I love that you read scripture to her! I know what you mean about being happy she recognized you even if she can’t remember your name. I had an uncle who was very elderly and had dementia. He was so sweet and loving, but he thought I was my mom. He couldn’t understand who she was at all. It was kind of sad but sweet too, because he obviously loved my mom very much , he treated me with such care.
        Again, thank you for letting me know about your mother-in-law. It blesses me to be able to pray for her.❤️

      3. desirayl

        You are welcome Hope. And just to let you know that I am still praying for you and your family as well.

      4. hope Post author

        Thank you! I so appreciate that. Our oldest girl (Mom of a 1 year old and newborn) returns to University this month. I know she’d appreciate your prayers. It’s her Senior year and she’s looking forward to graduating!

    1. hope Post author

      Yes! Jesus removes our heavy crushing sin burden and gives us a life of walking through this broken world with Him. In no way would I trade His yoke and burden for the one of sin and death.

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