Da Same Shoes

I don’t often repost other blogs, but this one is well worth the read.

I pray we all can love our neighbor this way.

Have you ever put on someone’s shoes? Not just any shoes old worn in shoes, smitten with dirt from their past journeys, gouged lines of miles walked. How did they feel? Did the soles of your feet ache begging to return to the cradled comfort they have grown accustomed to found in your own closet? […]

Da Same Shoes

5 thoughts on “Da Same Shoes

  1. Administrator

    I am encouraged by reading this, Hope. These are the days where His Spirit is tenderizing me in deeper ways and I am given to tears readily. How blessed we are to live in such a time as to become aware of the precious men and women of our Father who serve Him with the testimony of their lives. His Kingdom is filled with such as these. Thank you for reposting this.

    1. hope Post author

      It brought tears to my eyes as well. A beautiful story and a blessing to read. I have friends from other countries whom I love (and they love me) like these two men love each other and I can see how great God’s love is. I think about how wonderful it will be to spend eternity in heaven praising God together! Blessings to you!!


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