Because, sometimes I make mistakes.

I knew we had to go get some flowers for a project.

Sis needed me to watch our sweet grandbaby during her doctor appointment.

It’s also my shot day.

So, I was in a bit of a hurry at the store.

To my chagrin, my card was denied.

“Try it again, probably just your pin. The machine just got up and running.”


Then it hits me.

The envelope from the bank which is sitting on my dresser.

It contains my new bank card, because the old one just expired.

I got out of line with an apology to the clerk.

Anne opened her purse.

“Mom, I have some cash.”

I looked and had some as well.

We went through our purchases and figured out what we could buy with the money we had.

The clerk was very nice as we went through the line again.

I apologized again for the inconvenience.

As we drove to the allergist, I thanked Anne for her help and promised to repay her.

She tried hard to console me, thinking that I was embarrassed and upset.

Funny thing.

I wasn’t.

Yes, I verbally admitted my error of not replacing my old card with the new one.

No, I wasn’t upset.

“Sometimes, I make mistakes.”

I used to think my mistakes told things about me.

That in making an error I was somehow less of…you name it, mother, wife, friend, person,…

Walking with Jesus has taught me that isn’t the case.

Mistakes are opportunities.

Something to learn from.

Something to grow in.

Something to keep me humble.

Because the truth is, I make mistakes all the time.

I’ve misread directions.

I’ve missed my turn on the freeway.

I’ve been clumsy and broken things.

And the list goes on.

None of this has any impact on my importance or value.

Jesus loves me.

And that is all I need.

He loves me.

He loves me enough to teach me, at times painful lessons, through my errors.

Which is why I can admit to a stranger, “I just realized it’s my card. The new one is at home, my old one is expired.”

The truth is, the Lord reminded me more than once about my card and I responded, “Right, I’ll do that later.”

So, this morning I knew my moment at the store was a direct consequence of my putting off His direction.

Guess what I’m no longer putting off!

(Yes, my bank card is getting dealt with, but something much more important.)

I’m learning to listen and respond with appropriate action to that gentle leading, especially when it seems like I could do it later.

Just because I made a mistake, doesn’t mean I have to repeat it.

Not if I’m willing to learn from it.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for teaching me and being so very patient with me. Lord, I do ask Your forgiveness in putting off something You told me to do. But I thank You for providing a lesson from it. Lord, please teach my children to listen to You and to learn from my mistakes. Help them to be gentle and easily led by Your Holy Spirit. Lord, thank You for humbling my heart and walking with me through another mistake. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

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